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December 20, 2004



I've yet to see Spain pledge anything. And even if they do, by your standard it doesn't matter, because they didn't have a press conference earlier.

The Afghan elections did nothing? This is something Canada fought for. Ok, I will come down to your level now, Rodi. You are an as--hole!, to say that. Your hate is so deep that you are blind. Live with it.



From today's National Post:
"Until yesterday, Canada's contributions had been dwarfed by countries such as Spain that pledged $80 million......"

I didn't make it up. And I am not praising Canada. I just wish Bush would step up and act like the leader of the world just once.

I have no hate (except for maybe Bush) Neither does Maryann or anyone else that posts here. I don;t even hate you. I just wish you could be open enough to listen to other opinions (like Chrish) Non supporters of Bush do not hate. We wish the Dems had a better leader and a better direction. But you guys just live in your own world.

As for Canada fighting, their main role in the world is peacekeeping. Always has been and always will be. Except in WWII, where they had the courage to send troops to Europe to defeat a dicator that was an actual threat to the world, not to the oil industry. And that was 2 years before the US got involved.

You are entitled to call me names if that makes you feel good. keep believing in Bush and the 50 million of us who did not vote for him will keep up our "hatred of mankind."


No, but it's ok for you to call me names. From the left it's always excused.

I still can't believe Canada attacked Germany - a country which never harmed them.

Yes, please try to find a leader with some direction and who can say something other than what he thinks that particular audience wants to hear.



If you have any suggestions for a better leader for Canada, please do tell; I'm all ears. I am American, therefore the PM is not my leader anyway. That's why I like to argue against policies I think are bad for Americans.

I guess you must be kidding about Canadians attacking Germany because you could not possibly think Hitler was anything but pure evil.

BTW; I don't resort to name calling; as I said, I have no hatred. Most of us don't. But it seems to make Bush people feel good about themselves to think that anyone in the universe that does not fully approve of his policies is "a liberal filled with hatred."


Oh so calling someone dumb is not name-calling. Got it. You are immune, according to yourself, Rodi.

"I guess you must be kidding about Canadians attacking Germany because you could not possibly think Hitler was anything but pure evil."

And Saddam isn't????? OMG!



You took the implication that I called you dumb. While I do dot understand or agree with most of your comments, you have a right to express them. It's called freedom of speech. And no election is going to give an Iraqi the freedom to speak like you and I are without worrying about the consequences. If they want freedom, they need to work together to find a way to earn freedom without spending my tax dollars (well, not mine at the moment)

Of course I think Saddam is evil. So are the Tamil government in Sri Lanka, the Sudanese rebels that slaughter and kill millions of innocent victims, and the insurgents in Indonesia that keep people in the tsunami-affected area so isolated from the rest of civilization.

But I reiterate my point: The US has no business dictating the course of a sovereign nation with the exception of indisputable proof that the dictator is a direct threat to my way of life.

I simply can not understand how any of you see the value in wasting more lives and tax dollars on another nation's problems. Even if Hitler were alive today, he'd never be stupid enough to use WMD's against the world's sole superpower. And neither would have Saddam.

Oh yeah, you guys still think Osama Bin Laden, Iraq, and Saddam are all the same thing even though you have been proven wrong by virtually every single agency of the US government, partisan and non-partisan.


You're a bit newer to this site, so I have some advice for you. Don't even bother with Jim. He believes that his faith in humanity will both justify any wrongs in Iraq and cure all incompetency, lying, and corruption.

Anyone who disagrees with him hates freedom, patriotism, and the American way. All while people keep dying and dying and he can't articulate one shred of evidence that things will get better or that any of this was worth while.


Anonymous wishes Saddam was still in power.


Jim wishes more soldiers and civilians will die today while creating more terrorists. Oh wait, he's actually going to get his wish granted.




I guess your wishing is more powerful than mine Jim, more soldiers, civilians, and the governor of Baghdad killed today. Why do you hate our troops and the Iraqi people so much?


...and soon Indonesia will be completely under our control. It's all part of our evil plan. Why else would our soldiers be there?


...and soon the troops will find WMD in Iraq. Then oil companies will return the past few years of record breaking profits to the Iraqis and the U.S. government so that war costs aren't 5 times (and climbing) what Rummy estimated and our government isn't going broke. Then 1,300+ U.S. troops will be resurrected from the dead and there will be security in Iraq instead of an election where the elected get killed. And we'll catch Osama Bin Laden, remember him? He's only the guy who actually did attack us.


I wish Jim would just shut the fuck up and put his money where his mouth is. Go join the army and help out in Iraq. Maybe you'll even get your chance sometime to invade and kill some wussy french people.


There are no French people in Iraq. They are mostly in their own little colonial wars in Africa.


$27m in government aid. Berlin is planning to increase this to $680m.

$680M divided by 82M people = $8.3/person.

US: $350M divided by 294M people = $1.2/person.


Wo ist der Deutsche navy?

"planning to increase"

What about what American individuals and corporations? Individuals traditionally give far more than the government does. We gave 40% of the world aid last year. This is a riduculous argument to think any country will do more than we will.


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Times Person of the Year goes to. . . Lindsay Lohan for being so foolish and dumb. Just kidding! I mean if there is to be awarded Person of the Year for Time Magazine, I guess I want that person to be fully active in humanitarian activities and should have done something that made an impact on helping people and doing something useful for the environment as well.

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