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January 30, 2004



I would like to go to one or more of these Commie-thons, but the link to Francis didn't work. Would you mind posting the email address please?


Fixed now. Also updated info on the Caucus.


Who's going to which one(s)? Would be nice to put some faces with names. I want to try to make it to the registration one tomorrow night so I can get my voting paperwork in order, and the speakeasy sounds like it could be fun...


I'll definitely be going to the caucus, though I'm not sure in what capacity - I am not sure how I can pull off showing support for a candidate there without it being seen as an endorsement from Expats Against Bush.

Be sure to avoid the paparazzi


"States of Shock" by Pulitzer winning Sam Shepard @ Arcola Theatre, 23rd March–17th April 2004 Mon-Sat at 8pm.

States of Shock is an anti-war play written as a bitter outcry against America’s involvement in the Gulf. It condemns both the American government’s military invasion of Iraq and, more notably, the compliant and complacent reaction of the American public to that invasion and to the manner in which it was mass-marketed by our leaders. This is the London Premiere having premiered off-Broadway, starring John Malkovich.

Box office: 020 7503 1646

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