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February 03, 2004



I have to admit I'll be sorry to see Dean go, although that seems to be some way off yet. He may still mount a sufficiently robust campaign to make a go at the convention, but Kerry is running so strong, he does look to be the candidate to beat. What bothers me about Kerry is much the same as what always bothered me about Gore: very Statesman, but not particularly Executive. He doesn't really have the kind of leadership background of Dean, who, like Clinton and other ex-governors, has held executive office, and that makes a difference, both in demeanor and in what's being called "electability." He comes across as a thinking machine, not as a dynamo. Dean has the energy, the verve to drive a campaign. I'm not sure why he's faltered, but perhaps the latest conventional wisdom has some truth, that he's banked too heavily on the grassroots impetus afforded by taking early advantage of the internet without developing a sufficiently robust long-term strategy. Kerry, as a career legislator on the Federal level, has that in spades.



Re: that last comment - er, yes, I've seen that poll - it's linked within the post :)

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