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May 17, 2004


anybody else notice the irony of Bush going to Kansas to mark equal rights for blacks and, on the same day, criticizing equality for gays. Compare the two quotes.

said at rally in commemoration in Kansas today:
"Fifty years ago today, nine judges announced that they had looked at the Constitution and saw no justification for the segregation and humiliation.... The habits of racism in America have not all been broken. The habits of respect must be taught to every generation."

said in statement aboard AirForce One today:
"The sacred institution of marriage should not be redefined by a few activist judges." Referring to a constitutional ammendment barring gay marriages, he said: "The need for that amendment is still urgent, and I renew that call today."


what a hypocrite!!!
Wait, I was under the impression that the constitution was drafted to place limits on the powers of government, not to limit the freedoms of the citizen. Or, in Bush´s ferver to protect America from Iraq, did he throw out the constitution as well?


This novel is about women and minorities taking back the country from the Right Wingers ! It's a great and empowering read!

America at War with its Government.
Novelist Robert Edward Fahey’s disturbing political thriller, Der Furor, tears away at the Bush administration, drawing us into the lives of Americans under attack from their own government. It challenges us to stand up and take action. Miami in the year 2040 is plagued by racism, gritty acid air, and water you wouldn’t dare touch, let alone drink. Uneducated millions are homeless and desperate. We watch our poor being herded into sweatshops and into wars fought over lies, experience a world inflamed with anti-Americanism, and zealots on all sides wreaking their vengeance. We hear some cry out for compassion. but then watch them being silenced as un-American, assassinated, or molested in secret prisons. And we know we have to fight back.
Der Furor is a passionate tale of a future when the nation’s wealth is hidden in offshore accounts while the masses have to struggle against disease, poverty, and hunger to survive. Stolen elections and doctored laws have twisted the people’s democracy into a violent corporate dynasty and trampled our civil rights. Racial hatred seeps through the streets as the food, air, water, even the soul of a once-great nation are poisoned.
Richly drawn characters come alive as alternative media are shut down and progressive activists are hunted. A new Patriot Act lets the government send troops against its own cities wherever acts unfriendly to D. C. and its business interests may be contemplated.
Der Furor is an absorbing, thought-provoking, and impassioned plea for sanity, truth, and fairness as leaders turn against citizens and the most broken and desperate of citizens rise up to become heroes.
Der Furor is an exciting new novel that calls out to our compassion, while challenging us to stand up. – Now. - Before it’s too late.

Der Furor Robert Fahey
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Daryl Timmons

I find the public & press blind on the war.If you go back to the 2000 debate of cheney & lieberman. Cheny clearly state his intentions to go after saddam before the 2000 election. To see saddam a threat after 911. Overshadows the real Cheney and GOP agenda before the 2000 election.

What I find amazing is that bush can still stand up and say our econimy is strong When every one I know from the age of 18 to 37 is having hard times suporting their fammilys gas is at a all time high people all over the country is out of work or can no longer collect unemployment benifets because they have been off work for so long. Food cost prices are on the rise and every one is going in to hock with their credit cards because they have no real cash to spend But our country is strong so said G>W Bush. Hey did anyone see a tax diduction like we where told by bush this year I havnt in fact I have paid more this year than ever befor. I dont know about any one else but i am not in this fantasy world Gw bush talks about im live in the real world and I see the jobs that are being created there all low paying and work that involves few hours of labor and know rewards or pride. They are temp jobs that go know where. Speaking of temp jobs all the factory jobs have become a free for all for all these temp agentsys who snag them up and steel half of the working mans wages. They offer no real benifets or placement its 90 days and your out sorry charly but dont worry there is a lot of places they can send you to work even if they are shit jobs that are only 1 to 2 hours a week here and there . then the fall out is your work records scrude , But Gw Bush swares that we are doing great. What a lieing sack of you know what!!! In fact we are doing so good why not give elegals work vesas for three years and let them take what little jobs we do have for 55 sents an hour instead of deporting them like we should. But may be i dont get it because this is a good thing so said GW bush. What about the war . We are doing well over there pepole are getting free yes that may be or it may not be as for the states we are loosing more freedoms evry day . If you speak about the war you are labled a lybrol well so be it I think that the war is not what we should be about what we should be about is making this country strong again and geting those pucks who realy did us on 911 not rebilding a country that dont want us because they know we are there for one thing and one thing only . Can you say OIL and revenge for Bush's Dady.

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