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May 24, 2004



Yeah, I think maintaining society devastating sanctions and ensuring the survival of a brutal dictatorhip would have been more humane.

It would be better if we didn't have people--with such profound insecurities about their identity-- go abroad and try to be chic by mindlessly repeating the same old tired, Anti-american lines.

Your indifference to the gross crimes of the Hussein regime and the heartless corruption of the UN Oil for Food program is really telling.

I personally preferred the expat movement of the 20s-- much more interesting and creative. This new lame movement is so unthinking and banal. Hating Bush... now that is an achievement.

How about a little more diversity than the Taliban. It's not just brand named jeans anymore, now the hollow have to wear the same politics.


I seriously don't get it: do people really think that someone's decision to move abroad is solely based on political policies? Is it not possible that people might move abroad for other reasons? From some of the posts that people place in here, one gets the impression that back home, people think that anyone who has ever moved abroad did so for political reasons. Weird. Anyways....

Apparently there are rumors of a bit of good news coming from Iraq, for a change. Rumor is that we are proposing a draft document at the UN which seeks FULL sovereignty for Iraq, not 'limited.' While it is too early to make any conclusions yet, I think this is wonderful news for the Iraqi people. Does this mean the end of that sham of liberation we have seen so far and the beginning of true autonomy? Does this mean that the next Iraqi leaders will not be stooges or puppets of Bush? I can only hope so. And if this is true, then my compliments to Dubya. The moron finally has done something right! Not giving him too much credit, though. I suspect he's only doing it because events over there (and falling popularity at home) have forced him to do so. But kudos anyways.


I'm not surprised their turning over as much responsibility as possible to the Iraqis; nothing would benefit the Bush administration more than distancing itself from the situation there between now and November.

In some ways Bush's actions are, inadvertantly, an example of principles of democracy actually working. He's been pushed so far into a corner, and exposed as so blatant a liar and a clown, that he now has to behave as if he actually cares what the Iraqis and the world want for Iraq. It would really cheer me up but for the downside being he'll be able to use this to his advantage in the polls. ("Sure I screwed everything up for 4 years, but look! I managed to patch up one of my most devastating and ruinous ideas despite myself!") He'll roll out of Iraq and roll Osama bin Laden out around July, and all will be forgiven for a number of Americans.

On a side note, I feel much more fabulous now I've been informed that I moved here to try to be chic. Also I'm shocked to discover that I am not only "indifferent to the crimes of the Hussein regime" but apparently also support the UN oil for food scandal! I'm actually kind of flattered by how controversial and glamorous my living over here evidently is to some people.


And yes I did notice my inappropriate use of "their". I think I meant to say either "they're" or "at their" and just typed too fast. So take it easy Grandpa Grammar and Spellcheck.





HOLY S%*T! Is that article for real?? That must be a joke of some sort! What a bunch of, nah, better not say it. One of them might track me down and shoot me, then call himself a proud American.

Your reasons for being overseas are irrelevant
and really unimportant.

"The Left Eye's View":

More stories Liberals never seem to want to talk about but, then that's so typical:

The Taliban; something else the Liberals don't want to talk about. But since it doesn't really fall within the parameters of The Hate America Crowd or The Hate Bush crowd that's understandable:

There are always two sides to a story. Regretably, Liberals only see one side while refusing to acknowledge the other side. It could also be called Tunnel Vision but, they will vehemently deny and reject that idea and even go so far as to launch their oh so typical attacks. And when all else fails turn to the name calling and the swearing.... LOL!!

The compassion of Liberalism or would that be more Tunnel Vision?
If it doesn't follow their line of reasoning, logic, common sense, or, more specifically, their agenda then it doesn't exist, is unimportant, or is ignored completely. Can you believe Liberals are the ones who are always preaching down to everyone else about being "open minded",
"tolerant", and "fair", and how "we could use a bit more balance"? ROTFL!!

Want a different Abu Ghraib story? Oh wait, this doesn't fall within the Liberal Agenda nor how they want everyone else to see things.




Unfortunately, JJ, that story is NOT a joke. You can see the same sentiment expressed in the hundreds on the American Yahoo message boards. We forget there are still Americans who believe the attack on Iraq was "retaliation" for 9/11.

And no, don't say my reasons for being here are irrelevant! It was great to discover that I have "profound insecurities about my identity". Welcome, oh mystery newcomer, with your crystal ball into my thoughts! All this time I just thought this was a blog set up to mobilize American voters living abroad to register to vote (in this case, against Bush). It's good to know I'm actually a walking cliche who never discusses any other points of view but the ones that fall into my (apparent) Hate America Crowd Tunnel Vision Mentality. I like posters like you, please keep it up.

Speaking of posters I like, where's Miriamg been lately? Would like to hear your take on the speech last night...


Wow, glad to hear I'm missed! Cheers, Maryann. Hope you're well.

I've been pretty busy - between adopting an adorable but somewhat untrained Jack Russell terrier, work commitments, and registering expats to vote, I haven't had the energy or time to come here and justify myself to the folks back home who think lying irresponsible scum like Rush Limbaugh and Fox News represent a sane conservative counter-viewpoint...or to people who insist on still supporting Bush yet accuse US of not having credibility. Life's too short & I've got dog wee to clean up.

I didn't catch Bush's speech last night - from blogs I hear that the Leader of the Free World is having pronunciation problems with furrn words like Abu Ghraib while blathering on about freedom terror terror freedom. I've switched off mentally any time our President speaks - kind of like an embarrassing drunken guest at a party who everyone just ignores, while cringing, hoping someone will have the guts to kick him out...


How unique. Someone who didn't see the speech wants to criticize it. I swear next you will blame Bush for the Ice Age.

Hilarious comments now that Bush wants to hand over Iraq and make it a sovereign nation again. Uh gee folks, that was always the plan. He is sticking to June 30th like he said all along. This isn't a video game. Things can't be changed overnight. Has anybody here ever taken a history lesson and seen how long it takes to create a democracy? Elections have been happening at the city and region level for months in Iraq. Electricity, hospitals, schools are all in better shape than they were before the war. Saddam and his sons can't rape or kill their own citizens anymore. Oh and hey, the Iraqi Soccer team qualified for the Olympics. And if the lose they don't have to worry about Uday slicing, burning and drowning them. But I guess those aren't good things.
Here it comes: "Nobody said Saddam was a great guy, we just don't think America should do anything about it. Besides, in the 70's America screwed up in Chile."

Hmmm...elections in Iraq. No, it must be stopped. Only the West should be allowed to have representative government. Those in the Middle East don't want it.


Wait a second--this ISN'T a video game?? Well no wonder all my points of view have been so misguided! Thank you for clearing that up.

I should probably wait until I have things further developed, but I wanted to let EAB's know I'm approaching artists (musical artists, that is) to do a concert to help mobilise Expats to vote. I work in music and have just begun approaching managers and agents to see who's available and when.

If any of you have expertise or contacts in getting sponsorships I'd love some help on that side of things. I am reasonably confident I can get some good bands to waive their fees, but (if all goes as planned) some of them will be flying over from the US and I'll need to raise some money or get sponsorships, to cover their expenses.

Luke if it's alright I'll give you my contact details for anybody who is sincerely interested and feel free to pass them on at your discretion.


I'm 100% honestly curious what it would take for some people to realize (or admit) that Bush lied to them about Iraq. I guess if people are still in denial even to this day, then nothing will ever convince them. You know those old-timers who still run around and defend the Vietnam war? Come on, you know who I'm talking about, the one's who, even today, say things like "We won the war militarily, it's the politicians that lost it." By the way, since I apparently fall into that Blame America crowd, then I guess no one will fault me for giving a bit of travel advice: when visiting Laos, watch out for unexploded US AirForce ordnance, on average, claims one life every other day.


Hey, is Michael Moore coming to that fundraiser? Is he still a man of the people even after having a 15,000 square foot home build on Michigan wetlands? I hope he endorses Kerry soon. http://www.moorelies.com

So Bush lied about Iraq? Is it that easy? Could it be that he was given bad information from the CIA, from the Iraqi National Congress. In every speech I evern saw Bush give running up to the war, he gave multiple reasons for it. WMD was only ONE of those reasons. And by the way, I never ever saw Bush say that Saddam was responsible for 9/11. But I hear "journalists" get upset because he never said Saddam had nothing to do with it. When do we have press conferences announcing who is NOT responsible for soemthing. Ok, Bush lied, Powell lied, Rice lied, Rumsfeld lied. Ok, maybe Rumsfeld really did lie. But isn't it possible they got bad information?
Anyway, my point is, I didn't need the WMD argument. Even without it, Iraq, the region and the world are better off without Ms. Hussein in power.
But everyone thought he had them. Here's the facts: 1) He USED them. 2) He hid them after the 1991 3) He killed his sons in law who talked about them. 4) He kicked out inspectors who were looking for them. Why would he kick inspectors out if he had nothing to hide?


You're right Jim, he's a wonderful leader. He's doing a great job. and he's not stupid.



Bush - that is


Thanks for the link. I keep forgetting that this is a religious war. My minister keeps forgetting to tell us that Muslims and Arabs are evil. They are told by their state-run press and fanatical clerics that this is what it's about and the left does nothing to dispel it. So many just use the most convnenient argument. If you're talking to a muslim extremist you would tell them that Bush hates Muslims. If you're talking to a U.S. lefty you'll say Bush lied about the WMD. If you're talking to an Iraqi you will say that Bush is doing it to steal their oil.
Speaking of the oil, how come our gas (petrol) prices have been skyrocketing even though we're stealing all this oil from Iraq?

UXO's in Iraq and what Our troops our doing:

Let's blame the terrible Vietnam vets but, not say anything about the British, the Germans, etc., etc., nor the fact that there are
also a great number of landmines in Africa and other places.

Nor would they ever say anything about what OUR troops are doing. That doesn't fall anywhere within the limited confinements of Liberal
UXO's in Iraq and what Our troops our doing:

Perhaps some of the blowhards on this site, the Hate America crowd, and hate veterans would like to put up or shut up? There's even one right
there in the UK you can go to since you have such hatred for landmines and Vietnam Vets

Or maybe the travel agent on this site, you know who, he's recommending not goint to Laos, would go to Africa and help them in their efforts at removing landmines instead of sitting there safe and free, and spitting on veterans?
Hardly, Liberals prefer to bitch, whine, and moan about things, or push their guilt trip on everyone...and if that don't work watch the temper tantrums they'll throw. From what I've read on this site there are a bunch of them. You people are a HOOT!


Of course Liberals will only tell you what they want you to know so long as it falls in line with their self-serving agenda. That doesn't necessarily mean that that alleged "wedding" thing in Iraq is a lie BUT, there is the other side you won't hear from them:

How incredibly ridiculous. Are you seeing their pattern yet? Bits and pieces of the news here and there, drop this and keep that so long as it's within their limited view, disregard or ignore anything else or other reports and voila the truth according to Liberals.....

You people are hilarious, absolutely hilarious. And you really believe in your own self importance in the scheme of things? Too, too funny.....

No wonder Liberals lack any semblance of
credbibility.. They have none they are so full of contradictions, half truths, and deception they
can't have any. What's really hilarious is that people like these really and truly believe what they're peddling.... What a hoot!!!!!


But isn't it true that Bush ordered all weddings in Iraq to be bombed? C'mon, Bush is a slaveowner, Iraq is an American colony and Rumsfeld ordered nuclear weapons dropped on Fallujah.
I heard it from Michael Moore so it must be true.


Thank you for all the informative posts. I guess you truly answered my question beyond a doubt.

A Hoot

Well it's good to see we've got a couple of people so fascinated by and emotional about this site that they will spend hours responding to each and every post. It's a shame they can't resist being inappropriate and rude, so even if they had a point to make it is lost in the anger and spite.


Hmmmm. Those grammatical errors look familiar. Chrish? Only you would capitalise random words like "Our troops" or "Liberal", or make up phrases like "limited confinements".

And it's good to know we are "hilarious" and "a hoot" and "too too funny". Thank you! I take that as a compliment. But you lost me with the "Hate America crowd" (again, another creative use of capitals--nice one!). Do me a favor and don't just make up silly insults would you? It doesn't make your posts look very intelligent or even sane.


But why would Chrish post anonymously? Is "anonymous" his alter-ego? Like Clark Kent and Superman?






I really don't wanna get into a piss-fight with whoever posted some of those messages above, but I must defend myself when someone says something along the lines of this:
"...and spitting on veterans."
OK, so here, somehow my words got twisted. I never said veterans. In fact, I wasn't even thinking of veterans, but people in general. So quit plagiarizing!
But here is a bit of irony:
1. I criticized a DEMOCRAT'S decision to go to war in Vietnam, but am still called names.
2. Does this mean that the anonymous poster above is defending John Kerry? Cause, if I remember right, he's the decorated war hero who came home to put an end to American boys dying for some politicians. In fact, it was Bush who was sitting on his ass, while defending Alabama from surprise attack by Mexico. (Oh, no wait. He wasn't even doing that.) So could it be true that you are a closet-Kerry supporter but don't know it yet? We may all be in for a surprise soon.

One last note, the Brits and Germans dropped loads of landmines, but at least their governments of today have the decency to sign the International Land Mines Ban. Bush was the man who flat out walked away from it, making us one of only 2 countries in the world that refuse to sign it. Thanks, Dubya. No wonder we're all so loved.

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