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July 09, 2004



"well-armed Sunnis angry about losing power"

Oh, and these guys are the bastion of freedom and democracy?


To themselves (30+% of the Iraqi population), yes they are... or at least the bastion of power, which may be even better. That's a way higher % of the population that believes Americans are bringing freedom and democracy... or even security and electricity.


Has anyone read the Senatre 9/11 report? And their conclusions?


Has anyone read the Senate 9/11 report? And their conclusions?


This one is interesting: "The Committee did not find any evidence that Administration officials attempted to coerce, influence or pressure analysts to change their judgments related to Iraq's weapons of mass destruction capabilities."

Ahmed Chalabi

there is an insurgency in Iraq? Really?


To themselves? Of course they are. The same bunch that were in power before their brave and illustrious leaders, Hussein, was deposed. I guess if you wanted they could be considered the left wing extremists... Hmmm, sounds familiar.
They aren't representative of the majority but, are pushing their agenda any way they can.


Chrish, all the more reason why we have to do it cleaner and better than them! So far, we haven't, but this recent article in MSNBC does give me hope. According to Christopher Dickey, the new government is doing some things right. At the same time though, he lambasts the CPA and the U.S. military campaign.

In particular, the part I found very interesting is the exploration of collateral damage, which gets no attention from the media. Obviously every time we thought we had Saddam, Uday, Qusay, or Chemical Ali, dropped bombs only later to find out we were wrong, lots of people died. What's the result? Revenge killing of American soldiers of course.


Consider this. Al-Qaeda killed 3,000+ people on 9/11 and we reacted by invading two countries (one unjustly) and killing probably in the neighborhood of 30,000 people. It's fair based on that tally that many more people hate us simply based on the fact that we're responsible for the deaths of family members. Luckily, since we're safe halfway around the world, they don't have the same capabilities to strike back... for now.


maybe some don´t know it, but Teresa HEINZ Kerry owns 4% of Heinz Ketchup. So, without even knowing it, every innocent purchase of it by Americans supports the Kerry campaign of deception. That must stop. Why not use an alternative, and it will help keep America from falling into the hands of wild-eyed liberals who want nothing but to further their own agenda.

Go Bush in 04!

and here is the link. keep up the fight!



Freepers calling for a boycott of Heinz products! I'm sure THK's quaking in her wee (expensive suede) boots.

Indeed, anyone against Bush must be a crazed extremist who wants to further their deceptive commie agenda of protecting the constitution and holding our elected leaders accountable.

"Wild-eyed liberals." That one's going to have me chuckling all day. Thanks, Timothy.

That ketchup thing IS a parody right!?


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