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July 30, 2004



wow! I didn't even put 2 and 2 together until now.

but here is something I did notice: a terror alert was issued just prior to the DNC convention that media vans may be targeted. Of all things, it would be media vans because that sure as hell would get the press' attention and make sure that they spend a bit of time "reporting" about the threat. And, just when you didn't think it could get any better, what happens? They issue another terrorist warning on the DAY of Kerry's acceptance, making sure that the thought is always in the back of people's minds.

well, I guess if all these terror alerts get to me, I can get Prozac. Is this the idea behind compassionate conservatism? Oh wait, who can actually afford Prozac these days anyways?



New Republic reports that this Ghailani character was actually arrested last Sunday. Yet the announcement was not made until the Kerry acceptance.



I'm all set now. Got my box of tin foil, I hope aluminum wrap will work, make a hat, put it on my head, and those terrible conservative conspirators won't see me.... :o)

Do you think this tin foil hat will also block out the terrorists?




This is interesting Jim, how did you find it?


Started out with looking for a story about Fox News not being allowed in Canada (too conservative), which I found on proudtobeacanadian.com, which took me to operationiraqichildren.org (which I donated to) which took me to these three brothers who actually live in Bagdhad, which I thought might give them some credibility. Interesting.


Thank you Jim! Very interesting and informative


timeline of terror alerts:


this is a short list; they missed a few, such as those warnings that came before the colorcoded system came into effect. also, there was a terror warning issued three days before the DNC, one issued on the day of Kerry's acceptance, and one now in the aftermath of it.
That is not to mention the subject of this thread, the July surprise. And the fact that Ghailani was arrested almost a 5 days before, but they didn't make it public until hours before Kerry's speech.
Shit, have I really been turned into a conspiracy theorist by this president?


i can't know if they are telling the truth or just full of it. the photo doesn't show much, but it would be funny if it was true



jj admit it, you're just a closet conspiracy
theorist..... :o)

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