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September 13, 2004



Hmmm....I wonder who Americans would vote for in a French election. Choice A) Chirac Choice B) Anybody but Chirac, even if I haven't heard of this person until 6 months ago.

Garrison Keillor



Interesting article Mr. Keillor but, the same could be said of the Democratic Party and its flawed leadership.


Chrish, I don't think those of us who will vote for Kerry have any illusions about the Democratic party. We're just convinced that at this point in time, it's a far better option than Bush. If McCain were running, I'm guessing he would win in a landslide because the anti-Bush votes would be available.

You asked in a previous (lost) thread where Bush lied to us and I responded (reposted below). I really can't think of a more grievous crime for the top elected official than to send our troops to war and not come clean about anything related to it. You asked me where Bush lied:

Chrish, I'm on the road, so I can't respond as fully as I would like, but I really don't understand your question. Compare the "no collaborative relationship" line from the 9/11 Commission with all the stuff that the Bushies have said on TV, like sinister nexus of evil between the two, you can't distinguish between Saddam and al-Qaeda, and the worst, Cheney saying thaat Iraq had been "the geographic base of the terrorists who have had us under assault now for many years, but most especially on 9/11."

Please reconcile those statements for me. Beyond the 9/11 report though, the lies or incompetence are plain and available to the public. I don't need a report. WMD, uranium purchase in Africa, Rice saying that she had no idea the intelligence was doubted when the memo was in her hand, all the way down to the day to day stuff like the carrier being too far for Bush to reach by helicopter. These are lies, Chrish, or utter incompetence, how can you possibly argue that they are anything else? They're all together on a report prepared for Representative Waxman in the House. Please read it. I'm very curious to know what you think about the hundreds of misleading statements, plenty of which were outright false.



I'll read your link and then we can continue
when you get back from your road trip and do drive carefully and take care of yourself; sincerly stated.

I, like you, have no illusions about the Democratic Party, not so much the Democratic Party as I do with the leadership; they're flawed, abject self-serving weights around our necks as far as I'm concerned. I have no illusions about the Republican Party either. Like the Democratic leadership the Republican leadership is equally flawed, abject self-serving weights around our necks. The question is which of the two evil's should be in office? The question that comes to my mind is is this the best that either of the two party's can come up
with? Scary thought isn't it?

Here in California two radio talk jocks who are independents have come up with a unique idea that
they are pushing for this coming election and it appears that a lot of people both Republican and Democrat are going for it. It's called the Political Sacrifice. They've selected a single issue; illegal immigration, have presented around six Republican's from California who've done absolutely nothing as regards this problem except a lot of lip service. Gave them the opportunity to come on the radio and be interviewed by the two talk jocks. The listener's have voted who of the six Republicans have shown themselves to be the biggest failures as far as this issue, have done nothing regarding it, and in some cases have done whatever they could to block any attempts at reducing illegal immigration.

The winner is going to be voted out of office, a Political Sacrifice, this coming election and a Democrat who, hopefully, will serve the people in that district.

We, and I mean both Democrat and Republican, have far too many self-serving politicans who have been in office far too long and have done nothing constructive nor helpful during their time. It's time to start firing their sorry asses and finding people who can and will serve Us, The People and not themselves nor their Special Interest Groups. I can't, for one moment, believe that the likes of a Kerry or a Bush is the best we have in Our country to lead.

Again, the question is which of the lesser evil
should be put in office. Note, they are both liars, as are those who are pulling their strings;
Democratic Leadership and Republican Leadership.
Sure, it will hurt voting against the grain but, you know the old addage; no pain, no gain.

I'll get back to you on the other topic you brought up Jeff.


Thanks for the warm sentiment, Chrish. It is nice to be back on U.S. soil and actually driving on the open road.

No arguments about how much crap we have to deal with out there, both Democrat and Republican. I think the problem really stems from how important money is in our political process. It's all about fund raising, big donors (corporations), lobbyists, etc. How can we even kid ourselves that the politicians aren't patting the backs of those who pat theirs?

For Bush, I see this pattern of behavior that is completely geared toward re-election. We've almost never talked about non-Iraq issues, but the economy is probably in the riskiest and most fragile position its ever been in. Americans have stopped thinking about deficits because it hasn't mattered in some time, but do you remember when presidential candidates were making inflation their top priority?

The funny thing is that the first George Bush was acting fiscally responsible when he raised taxes. His son has irresponsibly cut taxes everywhere hugely skewed towards benefiting the rich, presides over a central bank that prints and lends money for free, refuses to give us any real numbers about the deficit (Iraq doesn't count apparently and its still the worst number ever), and has continued to rob social security blind. It's all about getting re-elected and give him credit, it's very clever. Only the rich realize the windfall they've been given. Do you think the poor have dividends and capital gains? Those were cut too... Bush got $30,000 back and Cheney got $90,000 back (Kerry and Edwards got theirs too, I'm sure).



Welcome back to the US of A and glad to know you
had a safe and uneventful trip.

I am in complete agreement with you as regards your take on these politicians we've been saddled with. It really doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that We, the people, have been really scammed by big time con artists, aka, our political leaders. They aren't working for us they're working for whomever is willing to pay them the big bucks, fatten their pockets. They
are owned lock, stock, and barrel by the Special Interest Groups and only pay us lip service when
it comes to the concerns of us everyday folks.

The only way, the only way to correct this is for
us, the people, to start paying attention to what they're doing. It doesn't matter who wins this nor any other election. What does matter is that we start paying attention to what they're doing and letting them know that We don't like what they're doing nor want them to do what they are thinking of. Sadly, we've become a country of people who aren't paying attention to what Our elected officials are doing.

The other major problem We have is with the news media. Let's face it they don't report on the facts of a story. They don't report the whole truth nor the whole of the facts for a given story. Instead they report on those things they want us to know whether it be slanted to the left or the right. The critical things they should be reporting on along with ALL of the facts we never completely get. Depending upon which way they lean or what agenda they have is the deciding factor of how or what they will report on. All
of their waling, whining, and bravado of "Freedom of the Press" is nothing more than a smoke screen to make us believe that they are being prevented from reporting the facts. To that I say BS.

Let's face it we have a news media that suffers from tunnel vision and has become nothing more than the spoke holes for whatever party or agenda
they adhere to. That is not the job of a true journalist. There should be no position nor bias in their reporting they should only be concerned with the facts, the plain and simple facts. Nothing more, nothing less.

We now have Rathergate added to the list of gates
in our history; Watergate, Irangate, on and on and on.... Now it's the very entity that should
be untouched by political agenda's; the news media. That's scary, a very scary proposition.

Depending upon who wins out in this is what kind of truth or lack of truth we can expect in the future from the news media... CBS and Rather
have blackened the eye of the news media and has
made it really suspect in anything they report now. How do we know what they are telling us is the truth, is not forged, faked, or that they have really bothered to verify theier sources or
listened to what they are saying? We don't.

Chrish, we obviously have a huge problem and I agree with what you said. But what you should conclude after reading that report on misleading and false statements about Iraq is that Bush is perhaps the most deceitful of all. That wouldn't be a big deal, except for the fact that he's our President and in charge of who we kill and who we get killed by. The top priority has to be to get rid of him. Once people stop dying, then I'll worry about the media...

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