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October 13, 2004



Don't have an answer for you, but I know my friend in China who I e-mail things to, has them all screened. (attachments). Everyone reads everything. Lots of "editing". Though they have changed a lot by becoming increasingly capitalistic, it's hardly a beacon of free speech. Good luck with that.

off subject a bit, but they are not allowed to broadcast "Friends" in China, because it's too dirty, but I understand it's very popular in the video stores.


i heard that chinese firewalls often mistakenly block any sites about the president because they mistaking his last name for a sexual reference...

Eric Peterson


Just to keep you informed, I got my ballot, but only after months of planning.
I started by telephoning the Michigan local Township Clerk, and getting them to realize that I am a person who has been sincerely interested in voting for years.

Then I sent her one of those overseas voter registration cards (witnessed by a Notary Public), and she replyed by faxing me proff of my registration.

step 3: I sent a check for $16 to cover her postage cost for US Post Office Global express (times two ... one for the primary and one for general election)

... the primary ballot came with plenty of time to vote and respond, but the general election ballot only came last week, (inspite of all my preparation).

Finally I sent my ballot the day before yesterday in Australia Post's international priority mail. It should have been on a flight into USA just about exactly one week before 2nd November. My Township Clerk back in Michigan has been a wonderful email correspondent, and I am am sure she will advise me as sson as she gets my ballot.
I think that she has a partially honorary position in local government, and would be otherwise retired. She seems to do a job job, especially considering she has to travel out-of-down for chemotherapy. I understand she is community spirited, and lead fitness classes in the community hall.

So my advise to expats overseas is to make a phone call back home and get the email of your local government offcials. Do it now, so you are prepared in 2 years for congressional and state elections, not just the presidential vote in Olympic Years.

Eric Peterson, Brisbane Australia

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