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October 29, 2004


Tony Austin

A large portion of the election campaign on both sides has been exploiting American public reaction to the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Centre.

I don't see how simply putting it in pictures is any different. I'm suprised it hasn't been done before.


I agree Tony. Was this ad put out by the Bush/Cheny campaign or one those 527 groups?

I couldn't find anywhere in the article that
shows the ad to be endorsed by Bush/Cheny.

How is this any different than the ads put out
by MoveOn.org or any of the other various 527

I agree that it's tasteless and insensitive but,
where's the proof that it's from Bush/Cheny?

yank in london

I'm sure there's still worse to come. I worry they'll launch the assault on Fallujah tomorrow or Tuesday morning (and blame the timing on the Iraqis). TV news full of war again as folks go off to the polls will emphasize the fear they want the electorate to have.

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