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October 30, 2004



Can't wait for...




You heard it from me!


Just remember. The guy currently in the Oval Office had the chance to shut Osama up for good. He took a pass. We wouldn't be seeing an Osama tape if the Bush administration had done the job in the first place, instead of going off to chase shadows in Iraq.


You libs never cease to amaze me... how naive to think that George Bush would go riding on his white horse and capture or even slay the big bad Osama...

The Russians could never defeat their ilk in the mountains of Bora - Bora... yet how easily we should be able to do that same thing - quickly.

Of course that would not have been harder than having Osama shipped to the USA as in the case of Clinton.

Hmm... I tend to forget of a president that makes decisions based on polls rather then having a belief system and making decisions due to what is right.

Well - maybe it's a bit much to expect from libs... you know - using logic and just doing the right thing.

No need to worry - my expectations are set accordingly - libs don't surprise me - in fact libs are quite predictable.

Makes things easy...

Mountains in Bora Bora? Or is that surf and sea? Maybe you need to get your facts straight, though that seems like it requires much more homework than just spouting nonsense.


HELLO from PA....

I stumbled on to this site...Thank you so much for your absentee votes, for flying home to vote..
I was soo happy to read your website..We are so censored here in United States. I predict a landslide for Kerry. It is happening now.The masses are showing up early to vote.

Your viewpoint living abroad is so important. I hope you told everyone you know how we are preceived in the world..AMERICANS NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE REST OF THE WORLD KNOWS ABOUT US...PLease tell them in the next two days...

Thank you for your presence in the world, perhaps
because of all of you abroad we aren't hated as nation as much..

I was at the Phildelphia Political Rally with John Kerry and Bill Clinton.. Inspiring,Historical.. phenomenal..I was awestruck by the feel of family and unity being amongst 100,000 people all for Kerry.

No surrender by Bruce Sprinsteen is the theme song.. so play it and you feel connected to us..

100,000 people all shouting KERRY! KERRY! KERRY!bellowing throughout the high rises. It was magnificent, colorful, presidential, almost prophetic with Bill Clinton by his side healthy and regal as ever..

WWW.electoral-vote.com 's predictor predicts KERRY with 283..from my experience working with other volunteers and the word amongst us.. i say that is true.. Kentucky is more Kerry,than Bush..
May be some surprises..in store on election day..
Working on the rural PA campaign, no worries we have PA..21 electoral votes.. Tonya

i miss the expat life.... joy to you and thank you



I'm so glad that this site has spell and fact checkers...

I'm also sure that most got the true underlying message...

My 'fat fingering' B for T may have been a wishful thinking for sand and sunshine...

The greaat news is... BUSH WILL WIN OVERWHELMINGLY! Kerry will concede early...


I'm so glad I have learned from Tonya that we are so sensored here in the United States. Afterall the administration does pay for.....uh ..NPR.
Oh ya and Kentucky is voting for Kerry. Got it.


Thanks Tonya for your enthusiasm, it's good to know people are really energized for the big day! Don't believe too much of the hype of how much Americans are hated abroad, at least in Europe. People can make a distinction between the quality of the populace and the quality of their leader. These guys got stuck with Thatcher, remember? So they know what we're going through.


Got STUCK with Thatch. Oh my! I guess Karl Marx and Neville Chamberlain were unavailable.


Who was it on this site that called me crazy (or something worse) for saying that bin laden wanted Kerry to win. Hmmmmmm....
If the lefties who want to negotiate with terrorists and fight a more sensitive war on terror should win this election, God help us. I hope you're right, Delal.

Yeah cuz the current approach is working wonders. How many people were assassinated, beheaded and/or taken hostage today?

I know. How many attacks have occured on our homeland since 9/11/01? It's aweful.

About as many as occurred during those crazy, Al-Qaeda loving Clinton years perhaps?


Yep Delal, landslide alright. 298-231 for Kerry at the moment. You're absolutely right.


Luke, are the poll numbers really changing that much in a day? Seems like one day Bush is way
ahead with Kerry way behind then overnight Kerry
is way ahead and Bush is way behind. Still seems
rather strange for that extreme of a change.

I love the lack of attacks on our homeland as some sort of evidence that Bush is doing a good job. I'm sure if we got attacked, Bushies would say, see, we need even more Bush to fight this. Does the bombing in Madrid count? How about all our troops dying in Iraq? Maybe the terrorists find it a lot easier to fight us in Iraq and if they turn that place into a failure, that will be better than killing more American civilians?

But do Bushies even think of these things? No... no attacks at home mean everything is working, despite hundreds dying every week in Iraq. Nice logic.

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