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October 27, 2004



Sorry but, Bush is correct. Obviously Kerry, without finding out the facts, and with a statement coming from one of Kerry's people saying "we just don't know the truth.", is
trying to politicize. Who the heck is kidding

First it was 380 tons, now it's down to 180,
then down to 3. Which was it?

The way Kerry is going off about this one would think that Bush is supposed to be out on the line dictating to each and every soldier what they are
supposed to do; wrong! That's the responsibility
of the officer's and their men to act. In all
probability the alleged missing whatever tonage
you want to use was gone long before our people
got there. Perhaps, as some allegations are coming out, is that the Russians assisted Hussein
and tried to wash the country side of any weapons
by moving them into Syria or Lebanon.

Not an impossible proposition but, very possible.

As Bush said Kerry "jumps to conclusions without
knowing the facts".


Chrish, the explosives were documented by the IAEA before the war. After the war, Bush has had the option of securing al Aquaa, which is only the biggest munitions dump in Iraq. He then had the option of accounting, comparing what they secured with what the IAEA had documented.

You say Kerry jumps without the facts... these are facts Bush has absolutely no excuse for not having. He can't even lie about it because he has no freaking clue! After complete silence for two days, now he opens his mouth to say that Kerry doesn't have the facts.

Who should have the facts if not Bush? Weapons are the single most important thing to prevent terrorists from having. Bush has had 18 months to learn something, anything about the largest munitions dump in Iraq. He doesn't even have the barest idea how to defend himself from these accusations. He could tell us if it was 380, 180, or 3. If only he knew...


Of course Jeff, The President is supposed to go to Iraq, identify the munitions dumps, and count
every one of them himself? Please, get a grip.

That's the job of those on the ground, the officer's and troops to act upon not the President. Good Grief, the way your talking and the way Kerry is talking one would think the military can't do a single damn thing unless the President explicitly tells them what to do.

All of the facts still aren't out about this and
already everyone's all GaaGaa about it? You know
as well as I do that the statements by Kerry were
nothing more than campaign rhetoric, politicizing
the situation, and a blatent attempt at trying to
garnish votes for himself no matter what.


I get it, NOTHING IS BUSH'S FAULT. He's only the commander-in-chief. Too far away from the action. If the peons don't do the job correctly, then it's always their fault, right? Tell me Chrish, when is something Bush's fault then? I mean the military is responsible, right? Is it the generals? No, of course not, they can't check every munitions dump either. The colonels? No, they have other things to worry about. How about the liutenants? Wait, I know, blame the grunts!

If 380 tons of weapons is not a big enough issue for the President to spend a little time on, then I don't know what is. It's not the actual amount missing that's important, it's the actual amount that was there. All he had to do was compare notes with the IAEA. He had 18 months to do a little homework and even that wasn't enough time. Don't tell me he needs another four years to accomplish more of the same.

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