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November 04, 2004



Having lived overseas before Luke, I would love
to do it again. But, in my case it would be because I want to not because this side or that
side won some election.

All this talk of tearing up passports, renouncing
ones citizenship just because your candidate lost the election seems rather childish.

Just because Bush won does not mean you give up
the fight, pick up your ball, and go home. It
means you reflect on your positions, consider them, change them, if necessary, modify and adapt.
Those politicians in Washington still need concerned citizens like yourselves and the rest of
us to hold their feet to the fire, and make them
make good on their promises. Sure, you're not
going to get everything you want, that would be
ridiculous to believe, but, you might get some
concessions that everyone can live with.

Isn't that what Democracy is also all about?


Expatriate is not a problem. Good for Americans to get out a bit. The concept of home is out of date. WE BELONG IN THE WORLD nations are old fashioned constructs. Live where you want. Be Dual or Triple citizens and Vote for the US Pres and vote local as well. Lets Grow a European- US Voting population. Europeans or others SHOULD vote for the US President but live in a more civilised place until things change. Globalisation and out-sourcing of the US VOTE.


Great idea Callen, does that mean I can also
apply for health care, unemployment, or many
of the other government entitlements from whatever country you are in and you'll happily
pay for me with your taxes?


To agree with Chrish, Callen's comments are a bit utopian. Just because we have a global society does not mean that borders are meaningless. Quite the contrary. I am a proud American expat living in Canada. I left pre 9/11 (not by much) but have never wanted to return more than now.

Listen up, America. Canada is an awesome alternative to the US. You get all the benefits of US culture without all the bullshit like HMO's, massive homelessness and a media that is so in your face 24/7. But it comes with a price. You also get a the most complacent nation in the world that will NEVER understand why the election matters to you so much. My whole office has wanted to kill me for the last 6 months.

I married a Canadian nurse and we she makes more money up here than in the US. But I took a 60% pay cut so I could buy a new house for $200K. If you fall in love, that's one thing. But leaving JUST because Bush won helps render 53 million votes as meaningless. In My America, people vote based on real issues like jobs, healthcare and domestic policy.

The new "red state" America voted on "morality" according to exit polls. Americans that vote for a candidate based on his moral position on abortion, gay rights and religion in schools are VIOLATING the separation of church and state, a freedom guranteed by the Constitution.

The dumbasses will realize this after the next recession that is inevitable after he invades a few more countries, runs up another trillion in debt and cuts taxes again for the mega-rich. Then they will support a Democrat once they realize that "morality" will not feed the family, get drugs for the sick or stop the anti-American sentiment they will feel if they ever muster up enough cash to vacation away from Butt-F***, Nebraska.

Both Coasts, the Northeast and Chicago still make up the sane part of America and that's almost half. So I implore those who hate it to remember that Bush-1 lost because the nation was in a recession and the GOP hadn;t yet refined the concept of scaring the shit out of an entire nation. (How can someone in Wausau, Wisconsin be worried about national secuirty concerns on their little Main Street? Holy DUMB)

It will all be over in 2008. Let's take back our America by staying.

(and yes, I am moving back to California as soon as my house is paid off ina yaer or two)


An article in The Observer today shows that there is a practical side to the gay marriage debate as well as a 'moral' one, and that should be of particular responsibility to many expats. After all, my wife and I are living together at the moment in London. That would not have been an option if we were in a same gender relationship.



To Permalink: It is my understanding that the distinction of being an expat does NOT mean giving up your passport or citizenship. It simply means you are living outside your native country. Most American Expats I've come into contact with are still US citizens, still pay US taxes, still have a US passport. They simply choose to live outside America...and given the results of the 2004 election, I expect there will be a rise in number of these folks.

jack mayfield

My wife and I would like to be considered an asset to Canadian culture ... but, getting to stay and getting to do part time work to supliment our retirement incomes appears to be a daunting mountian to climb.

We have come to Vancouver, B.C. and are basically being told "spend your money and go home". At 62 we are far from total retirement and Vancouver is where we would like to make our home. We need advice and guideance! Please, someone who has some experience in this area, we would welcome your help!
Jack Mayfield

there's a shocker.

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