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November 18, 2004



Luke - it happens that I just found the following quoted on The Nation's site, and it is slightly spooky:

"A little patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolve, and the people, recovering their true sight, restore their government to its true principles. It is true that in the meantime we are suffering deeply in spirit, and incurring the horrors of a war and long oppressions of enormous public debt. But If the game runs sometimes against us at home we must have patience till luck turns, and then we shall have an opportunity of winning back the principles we have lost, for this is a game where principles are at stake."

--Thomas Jefferson, June 4, 1798, in a letter to John Taylor after passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts.

Sometimes you can't help feeling there is nothing new under the sun, but at least there are words like these to light the way a little. Hope you have a great time, regardless of the alienation. There are, after all, only about another 53 million odd fellow citizens feeling the same way.



I empathize with you totally, having left the US only 3 months short of 9/11. Every time I cross the border I feel like I've time wraped back into some weird McCartythism insipired America driven by some misguided sense of patroitism disguised as morality.

The media has gone to new heights of hypocracy. I opened the Calgary Hearld on Tuesday to find a headline about millions of American viewers complaining to ABC about their immoral and irresponsible behavior. The audacity they had to show show a "naked" backside view while promoting Desperate Housewives during Monday Night Football. Meanwhile, CTV, a Canadian network, carries the feed and was veiwed by over 2 million Canadians. Not one single complaint. And ABC caves in with an apology just to legitimize their complaints.

I turn on the World Series last month and find that "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", a 100 year tradition of the 7th inning stretch, representing one of the most non-partisan feel good symbols of America, has been replaced by "God Bless America." Who the hell decided that?

I go to the American newspaper I read on-line today to find a headline about the website that's been organized urging a Constitutional Amendment changing the eligibility rules for president, an obvious attempt to allow Schwazennager to run in 2008. Changing the most sacred document in the country for one person ???????

Flipping on to NBC's news last night, i see a story about the Russians publically admitting they are revising their nuclear weapons program for their national security. Hello, McFly? Did I step back into 1978 when the cold War raged ? Why on God's earth would Russia need to rekindle an arms race that was supposed to end in 1989?

Ummm, could it be because the entire administrataion of the United States Government has gone on some unilateral rampage designed to show the entire world that they could care less about anyone else besides the "new moral America?"

Am I the only one that finds it odd that oil has never EVER come up as a reason for invading Iraq? Is anyone really supposed to believe that a president who resumes a program to put weapons in space has any real interest in spreading democracy to the one country that happens to have more oil than anywhere else on earth (except of course Saudi Arabia)

Holy shit; I am so shellshocked by how far removed from reality today's America has become, I am also tempted to stay in Liberal Canada forever. But I refuse to succumb. We all have to remember that Clinton pulled a radical change from Bush-1 that led the country down the longest span of prosperity in its history. But we have to look beyond the shit that will happen in the next 4 years and find a better platform for 2008.

Let them pass more tax cuts because all these minorities and married women that voted for Bush will change their tone when they suddnely don't have the $200,000 for college. Or a job for that matter. And even if they did, "No chilld leftt be-hind" will prevent their kids from qualifying for the very institutions that the right wing wants to keep them out of anyway

Let them "reform" social security because the closer the baby boomers get to retirement, the more they will realize that Trickle Down Economics may work for those that don't need government programs but the rest of us need actual cash, not $15 billion deficits

Keep denying Americans drugs from those evil third world Canadians drug suppliers. That way, the Mercks and Pfizers of America can get richer while the voters that can effect change get sicker.

I find it easier to turn a blind eye living outside of the US because I can tune it out any time I want. But let's look at that Jefferson quote as an eerie foreshadow of the present. I will NOT give up on the feeedoms I was raised with. The right to choose, the right to voice my opinion, the right to practice my own form of morality (or none at all) without ABC telling my kds what is "moral", the right to travel to other countries and not be shot at for wearing red white and blue.

Did anyone think how shitty the athletes in Greece must have felt being warned not to flaunt anything American? What happened to pride ? Replacing it with unilateral hatred disguised as democracy is NOT an acceptable answer and Luke, I hope you continue to fight to kick the crap out of the right and take back the middle. The middle is my America, one that represents a liitle slice of ALL our viewpoints.


Well, Rodi I can understand and agree with some of what you say but {you knew that was coming.. :o)}, with regards to your comment
about the American atheletes in Greece being
warned about not flaunting America I find
interesting. Considering that in this country, the USA, the Politically Correct crowd has been, for some time now, saying we shouldn't show Our Patriotism, we shouldn't wave Our flag in pride nor should we really "flaunt" Our American Heritage because "it might offend someone.".
That someone being newly arrived immigrants
to Our country or other immigrants who have
become citizens. Now, isn't that fascinating?


On the lighter side, has anyone heard or
checked this out?

Try this before someone forces Google to fix its site:

1) Go to www.google.com

2) Type in: weapons of mass destruction (DO NOT hit return button!)

3) Hit the "feeling lucky" button, NOT the "Google search"

4) Read the "error message" carefully.

Someone at Google has a sense of humour. And will probably be fired... soon..

You have to laugh at this one.... :o)



I've been told by several that the Google thing has been that way for ages and has nothing to do with the current sistuation. But I'm not a techhie so I don't know. It is kind of funny

On the patrotism:
I never said not to be patriotic. I said that when I left (pre-9/11), we were all proud of America but didn't have to flaunt it in the entire world's face. Now, there is a flag everywhere. On almost every buliding, on everyone's houses, on athlete's uniforms, in hospitals, school buildings, vending machines, and virutally every car. You probably wouldn't notice it from the US. But come live in another country and you'll realize that it can be a tad irritating to a world that mostly opposes the current policies of almost evrything Bush does.

Flag waving was a great thing we all did on the 4th of July. That was an acceptable display of pride, celebrated mostly on the anniversary of the country's independence. But now we have to stick it in the world's face to show how proud we are? I'm proud, but do not have to board an airplane and announce my country of origin to the world. I find it pompous. And so does most of the world.

I'll bet most Americans don't know that the Patriot Act is actually an acronym for "Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intetrcept and Obstruct Terrorism" Act. How convenient to make it sound unpatriotic if you opose detaining and denying citizens their basic constitutional rights without any evidence.

As for immigrants, accepting one's new country does not have to come at the expense of giving up one's previous heritage or culture. "With us or against us" logic demands that you support everything America represents, which I venture to guess most new immigrants are probably not so happy to do at the moment.

I wear a small American flag on my jacket but I don't go around plastering it on our house, car, office cubicle and everywhere else. My version of patriotism is supporting an America that is respected around the world, not putting red white and blue on every single inanimate object in existance because terrorists attacked us.


I agree Rodi, my response was in reference to the American Atheletes being told not to
flaunt being an American. I find that humorous in a setting like The Olympics since every country + 1 in the world is waving and flaunting their country.

On immigrants, be clear, I have no problems with immigration. I agree there is nothing wrong with maintaining ones heritage or culture and it would be wrong for anyone to feel that they have to or be ashamed of.

However, for those who seem to want to shove the idea that the rest of the Americans must walk around being very careful, cautious, and "sensitive" about being proud to be an American, the flag, and yes Our heritage because it might offend someone who's immigrated to this country I find equally offensive and idiotic. There was, not too long ago, one of those Politically Correct group trying to stop the playing of the national anthem at some school game because,
according to them, it might offend other's.
Thankfully, that BS idea was shut down and
shut down fast.

I am, as I've said before, of Mexican descent. I am as proud of that heritage as I am of my American hertiage. And damn anyone who is going to try and tell me that I cannot or should be ashamed to exhibit pride in my country, my flag, and my heritage here in the US because "it might offend someone".

Of course, I don't, when travelling overseas, go around shoving it in everyone's face. That's idiotic for someone to behave like that. My viewpoint is I am a guest, a visitor to another country and will go out of my way to show them my deepest respect and regard for them, their country, and their history. I don't have to walk around waving flags, banners, or any other thing in their's nor anyone else's face that's assinine and arrogant.

Nor do I go around sticking red, white, and blue stickies on every inanimate object I can find.

"With us or against us", "My Party right or wrong", "My country right or wrong", and even that mantra "Anyone But Bush" is nothing more than mindless nonsense; Lemmings following the pack over the edge of the cliff.



I agree with you that "with us or against us" is wrong and alientaes the rest of the world. The problem is that the US media loves to showcase these catch phrases. I'm not saying that we're all like this, but face it:

A large group of Americans hears this patriotic crap being said over and over and over. Eventually, they begin to think it makes sense and repeat it themselves.

Now, in my opinion, those in the redder parts of America buy into this media crap more. I'm not saying it's because they're uneducated or backwards. But living in an area with a less diverse polulation tends to expose one to less viewpoints. Thus, the idea that America's way is the "only way" distorts their opinions.

I know Delal and others love to claim that the reason we're more tolerant in California and New England is because we're all gay-loving, anti-war liberals. But it's simply not true. As one of Mexican descent, I'm sure you can relate when I say that these people who flaunt red white and blue may honestly believe what they say an do, if they had more exposure to other ethnic, political and social groups, they might question some of the old world right wing values that dominate the midwest.

Have you ever noticed how the media names every single action militray action as "Operation Desert Freedom or Operation Merciful Liberation" or other asanine lables? It's all subliminal and it helps justify current policies to those not lucky enough live amongst a diverse poplulation that might actually decide for themselves. It makes me puke every time I hear a new "Operation" name. That's not patriotism, it's a right wing media that refuses to question its government.

That's why I think expats have a distnctive advantage. I am able to see how ridiculous it looks to citizens of another country when an American arrives as a tourist. They visit Africa and freak out because the guide only speaks Swahili, they want cheeseburgers in countries that the religion does not allow one to eat meat and they expect the entire world to think we are this awesome nation of liberators.

That may have existed after WWII, but not now.


"The majority party is taking abuse of power to a new level, and nobody is standing in the way."

As the man said:

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

History is notably bereft of examples of one-party states that did *not* eventually descend into corruption and dictatorship.


Absolutely correct Vaara, perhaps it is a
good thing the trend towards complete Liberalism has finally changed and has started its movement in the opposite direction....



Well put
Here in Canuckland, the Liberals have been in control of the Federal Government for almost 20 years and somehow everything still worls (mostly)

But they're not really liberal; that's just the name of the party. The funniest party is here in Alberta where the ruling party calls itself "progressive conservative". How's that for an oxymoron?


That's humorous Rodi, here the Liberals
have tried to tag themselves as "Progressives". Interestingly enough
its comprised of that same crowd that are

"Progressives" is just another name for


To emphasize just how much America is changing... and direct support for my contention that we're losing one of the pillars of our power, foreign science and technology talent. For those who think it doesn't matter what world opinion is, be prepared to deal with a future with much less of their help. Not smart when such a huge number of our graduate students are foreigners.




You can thank the Liberals and their influence in our educational system for that whole thing. Considering the Liberals and the Politically Correct Moron's are more concerned with social engineering, alternative lifestyles, sex education or "how to put a condom on a cucumber", bilingual education, and social advancement (self esteem) than they are with reading, writing, and basic math. The colleges and universities have had to setup Remedial classes for the incoming high school graduate because they aren't at the level they're supposed to be. We have several generations now of "high school" graduates who are functionally illiterate but, according to the moronic experts, they feel good about themselves (self esteem).

Now if some of you can, for once, get past
the fact that the first article is from a "Catholic" or Christian site and focus on the content of the article maybe you'll understand what I'm talking about.

The Problem with Self Esteem:

The Self Esteem Hoax:

The Self Esteem Fraud:


Another article Jeff showing just how extreme the extremists on the left will go
while using plausible excuses and justifications.


Nevermind that the first Thanksgiving was
as the word implies giving Thanks to GOD
and that the early settlers of this country
had come here to flee religious persecution. Seems religious persecution
has become much more prevalent, more subtle, and just as destructive as it was back then.

"Don't push your morality on us!" they say
but, seem to have no problem shoving their
religious intolerance on everyone else...



Interesting article, but I'm not sure I agree entirely. Like it or not, teachers that incorporate religion into the curriculum risk offending somebody. It's almost inevitable. This will probably scare the local school board enough to think they risk losing federal funding if someone files a lawsuit. While I do think they should mention that the Pilgrims thanked God, it should end there with no emphasis on what type of worship they engaged in.

I don't want Washington pushing its morality on me but only when it involves changing the Constitution, the country's most sacred legal document, for issues that are based specifically on one's religious beliefs. (ie: abortion, stem-cell and the definition of a marriage)


Chrish, citing all these things that happen on the "far left bank" hardly explains 1) how terrible our education system is and 2) the impact of the dramatic drop in foreign student applications to our universities, which we owe largely to an equally dramatic drop in world opinion of the U.S.

Like it or not, our #1 advantage over the rest of the world is technology, which is supported mainly by foreign talent, which we are stupidly harming. Frankly, it starts with the President, who can't be bothered to even fake that he cares about what others think. Do you think the data that says we've lost huge numbers of foreign students in the past 4 years coincides with liberals?

As for religious intolerance, you can't possibly understand what it's like unless you're one of the minority, who either believes differently or doesn't believe at all. As a middle easterner, unbelievably, my parents chose to find work in and immigrate to South Carolina!

I enjoyed my youth there, but when I first enrolled in school, I did not know who Jesus was. Until you're surrounded by your 8 year old classmates, who are horrified at the discovery of an infidel in their midst, you can hardly understand what it is like when they tell the teacher who is equally horrified and sits you down to lecture you about going to Sunday school. A lot of measures to prevent such a scenario admittedly go too far, but again, you can't understand until you've been there.



I can understand and appreciate your position however, denying the historical
religious aspect of this country's founding
simply on the basis that it "might offend someone" is equally offensive. Those facts
are historical and cannot be denied on such
a weak and frivolous excuse and that it what it is.

Equally offensive and ridiculous is the idea that someone on the basis of being offended over something that is historical might lead to a lawsuit is ridiculous
and, quite honestly, should be thrown out of court.

How they worshipped is also an historical fact. They were Puritans for God's sakes.
Religious Zealots? Perhaps but, nevertheless
they were the early founding fathers of this country; religious or not. Who, by the way, fled their country because of religious persecution. Have we gone full circle now and are seeing the early signs of a renewed era of religious persecution?

I understand the need for Separation of Church and State but, the extremes that it is being taken to border on religious persecution.

On the idea of stem cell research it has been shown that embryonic stem cell research
has produced nothing other than cancer, mutations, and rejection. Adult stem cell research, on the other hand, has shown very positive results with a higher probability of sucess than embryonic. Your a finanical
type you do the math. Would it be better to throw money at something that has a higher probablity of success as found in adult stem cell research or at something that has produced nothing but failure? Add to that probablity there is no need to destroy an embryo nor engage in human cloning. Everyone profits from it.

I am all for a civil union but stop at marriage. If the gay community is able to get all the benefits they are wanting why isn't that good enough since more than 75% of the people don't want marriage. Why not take that and, perhaps, at sometime in the future if the idea is more open than go for marriage. Incidentally, that percentage is also comprised of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, etc. This isn't just some Right Wing agenda as the Liberal media would have you believe this goes across all

Good grief, Arafat had set before him, a few years ago, everything he wanted and asked for except Jerusalem as a Palestine capital and he rejected it. Think of what it might be like now if he had swallowed his pride and taken the best possible offer he was going to get with a possiblity of being able to establish a part of Jerusalem as their capital? A compromise.

On the matter of abortion, most everyone, excluding some, is in agreement and accepting of it accept the latest in abortion procedures. If, as you say, it is
Democracy and the majority of people are against that procedure, now, why is that not acceptable? And, if it's going to be pushed then why not reveal everything and everything there is about that procedure in all its glory? To date the discussion has been centered on ideas, concepts, and abstracts with no concrete images to go with it. Those who take the position of a Pro Life stance aren't allowed to show it; why not? If everyone is going to talk about choice, pro or con, then why not show it on the public airways? Because it would be offensive? So what, the channel can always be changed.

Most sacred legal document? Isn't the name of God invoked in that document? By the way another word or description of God is The Creator. Are we, in our blind determination to remove every vestige of the name God, also going to go through all of the documents the founding fathers wrote and scratch out the word "God"? Perhaps, because it "might offend someone"?

Excuse me but, if I go to England or any other European counrty or to a Middle Eastern country or an Asian country I do not impose my views or opinions on them. I do not start proclaiming that I am offended by the name of Allah nor of Yahweh nor of God nor of Buddha nor of Confucious and therefore everyone must stop using, saying, or uttering those names. Why then, should I or anyone else be imposed upon by others, who are the few, just because their sensibilities are offended?

For centuries now, there has been no issue with God now, all of sudden, it's this blind
rush to rip that name out of and off of everything. Just because "someone might be offended"? When does reason and common sense come into play over the Political Correctness and a few imposing their viewpoint on the many? Is that not what a Democracy all about?



I agree with your comments regarding political correctness. There was a period where the country was going out of their way to redefine who we are without offending anyone.

Personally, I HATE the term "African-Americans." When I lived in NYC, most Blacks I knew also hated that expression. It was some sort of condescending crap that the left wing decided to impose on an entire race of people to suit their own personal agenda. They're not African, they're American. Up here, blacks, whites, Latinos, Asians and Natves are all "Canadian" No labels attached.

I'm not suggesting that the lawsuits aren't ridiculous. I'm just pointing out that that's one reason why school boards are careful not to invoke religion into the classroom, even if it's based on historical fact.

Back to the abortion thing: I truly do not believe that most Bush supporters are actually in favor of banning abortion. I have to believe that because although I never argue with a Pro-Lifer (you can't ever win), denying women their rights in ANY WAY is simply discriminatory, sexist and backwards. Anyone who argues otherwise is either very far to the right or simply wants to return us to the "Happy Days" when women were second class citizens.

Wow; I can't believe your stories about being chastised by your peers because you didn't go to Sunday School. But then again, I can believe it. Which is why I choose to call blue states tolerant, but Bush supporters like to call us "liberal."

As for education, the voters made a strong point by choosing someone who's education programs have failed miserably in his own state. The message is that it's just not that important. This is a horrible shame. But then again, a "regular" guy that can't even give a speech without making numerous basic grammatical errors not only graduated an Ivy League school, he became president. How can a country demand better when the leader they emulate speaks like a third grader?



This is what I mean by the moronic absurdity of the Left and their blinded rush to remove every vestige of the name of God from everything:

Tell me this doesn't border on religious


Maybe it does Chrish... so what? What's the big deal citing these sparse instances of wacko activism? There are however, situations where things do matter to reasonable people who are not in the main stream and as I mentioned before, it is nearly impossible for a believer to understand why something so trivial and commonplace might be religious persecution to others... except of course when the tables are turned.

Try and imagine what your cries of religious persecution sound to non-believers. God missing from the classrooms? What's the big deal? For believers of course, it's God in the classrooms, what's the big deal? I agree the whole exercise often goes too far, but it doesn't help anyone if you aren't open to figuring out what something so ridiculous to your ears sounds rational to others. I already gave you a very personal example... was that religious persecution or just a couple of kids being surprised that someone different is in their class? Since I was involved, I get to make the call that it was the latter... but many would feel it was the former, especially when you're 8 years old.


Returning to the topic at hand... the Tom DeLay issue is indefensible, yet now Republicans are charging that he's the victim of a partisan witch hunt. Never mind that several indictments of DeLay associates have occurred (by a grand jury, not the prosecutor), never mind that DeLay was censored by a bipartisan ethics committee in Congress. Nice job running on moral values and not having the least bit of spine to enforce it when personal interests are on tap.


I just don't get this 'religious conspiracy' that you libs/dems continue to point to...

Funny how the sixties was the libs/dems liberation - sex-drugs-rock&roll (don't get me wrong I like 2 out of 3) - now the majority of those that lived through that era are the same ones that now support Pres Bush. Mostly because of the damage that was done to the USA 'psyche' during that period.

A lot more non-religious folks voted for Pres Bush while 25% of evangelicals voted for Kerry!

It's not that we want to bash gays - that could not be further from the truth - what we want is that the sanctity of marriage be protected. Call it civil unions - give them rights such as med insurance as a married couple - no problem.

As far as this site goes - looking over the posts - it's the same people who are consistently posting. Six months back - it had a bigger audience.

I think it has something to do with the name and the reason for the start of it - now....


I keep saying and will continue...

Change the name to:


C'mon Luke - you need better marketing!



Looks like the 'religious freaks' have come out of the wood work in your neck of the woods!

This could not be possible - could it???

You expats might have to come home... NOT!

Read it & weep girls and boys...




>Tell me this doesn't border on religious

I'm not sure if I consider that persecution when you consider that the groups that settled America risked beheadings, torture or death. Whereas the worst case scenario in this asinine lawsuit is taxpayer money wasted and a civil judgment. Don’t get me wrong. The lawsuit you cite is an obvious example of the far left being as moronic as anything Rush Limbaugh says.

It makes me glad that at the moment, I get to vote in California but not one penny of my tax money goes to pay for shit lawsuits like this. The need for tort reform is so painfully obvious. But voters that don't live in states that file such absurd lawsuits don’t pay much attention.

>Funny how the sixties was the libs/dems liberation - sex-drugs-rock&roll (don't get me wrong I like 2 out of 3) - now the majority of those that lived through that era are the same ones that now support Pres Bush.

Although I missed growing up the sixties by a few years, I admire all the millions of "lib/dems" that refused to fight and enacted REAL social change. What you say is true (that they all vote for Bush now) And there's an obvious reason. In 1969, anything white collar was not cool to the youth of America. Wall Street was so desperate for clerks, they'd hire janitors to balance the books (true story)

In 2004, almost all college grads want high paying jobs in technological fields. Clearly the activist of today is more about signing petitions on hastily made websites than burning draft cards. One could argue that the Internet has hurt, not helped the cause of the Democratic party in the previous 2 elections. While they may spread the word about change and lay a lot of blame, today's youth is more inclined to set up a website with anti-Bush paraphernalia which makes them so much money, the idea of change or protest gets lost in the profits.

If today's 18-30 year olds really wanted change, they needed to get up off their asses on November 2nd. Since the same 17% voted as did in 2000, the Democratic party obviously did not utilize all its resources to the best of its abilities. Or we're permanently stuck with a generation that places more value in material gain and morality than social issues

>It's not that we want to bash gays

For the record, I agree with this point 100%. Just because I want equal federal benefits for all people regardless of their sexual preference, it does NOT make me a "dem/lib".

>I think it has something to do with the name and the reason for the start of it - now....

I'd also like to see more posts. But Del, if you go away, who will so eloquently point out all our leftist, commie, gay-loving faults ? :)


One quick note rodi...

I can only speak about my two sons - 24 & 18 (the older having served in our Air Force) - both voted for Pres Bush. Their circle of friends - hard working young people are Republicans.

The challenge of the Democrat Party is that they have got to get control back from the 'kooky radical left'. Clinton was an expert on the illusion of moving towards the center while being an extreme leftist.

As far as this site is concerned - way back Luke got a bit of attention (me included) because of an internet article covering an upcoming protest in England. That was his 15 minutes of fame...

It's a shame - this site was a bit livelier in the past.

Having experience in both Marketing & Sales - I say - name change to...


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