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December 03, 2004



I suppose that means Lynne Cheney's opus will be thrown on the fire:


And Alexander the Great won't be mentioned in "history" classes. Hell, forget all of ancient Greek civilization, what with their nude male wrestling, etc. So what if they invented democracy?

Honestly, anyone this obsessed about gay people has got to be repressing something.


what is wrong with people? who cares if anyone else is gay? I guess since the Klan and its disciples couldn't outlaw jews or blacks, they go pick on the next group they perceive to be weak, namely those fruity gays. Just get over it!
If America is so good at bestowing democracy on the rest of the world, how come we can't let people live in equality in this country? So much for home of the free.

This is a great read that says a lot



An example of extremism only this time its
the right wing extreme... Good grief
don't we ever learn...

Rep. Gerald Allen needs to focus on issues
that really matter. If he's got that much time on his hands then he's obviously not
very busy or not doing his job....


Had to chime in...

A bit extreme to say the least! I was in Alabama during this years election visiting schools...

I can't believe this will pass.

Relax dems/libs... please...


I agree with you Del however, it is really
irritating and frustrating to have right wing extremists believing they can do as they please without regard towards anyone or anything. Contrary to what they would like to believe they do not have a free pass.

You're probably correct in that it won't pass nevertheless individuals like this Alabama Rep need to be given a very clear and concise message that their brand of extremism won't be tolerated nor accepted.

If We do not raise our voices in protest over such blatent acts of extremism now then
it will only continue until it's either too late or that much more difficult to reverse the damage they will cause.

We need balance not extremeism; Right or Left. The only way to put a stop to that
whole swing is to "nip it in the bud" now not later...


You're right - I agree though...

This was brought about by a Congressman who handles a limited area where the majority sadly may have voiced their opinion on this issue. The Rep is just passing along what the majority of his constituents want.

He probably wants to be re-elected.

Anyway - this is the system in our country. Let's allow it to be played out - I know this bill will not pass.

Hence - let's all relax and realize this is democracy and it's a good thing.


hope you're right, delal!

I have never been to Alabama (no particular reason for that - I lived in the south for 4.5 years) so I wouldn't know what is going on in people's minds. It's just when the only news from Alabama is related to 10 Commandments judges, Confederate flag issues, and now this, well it gives one kind of a negative impression.

I'm sure you are right that the whole state is not a bunch of extremists.

Cheney's book can be yours for $500



Again Del, you're probably right but, We all
know how an inconsequential thing in some
backwoods place can suddenly spread to another place then another then another.

Sometimes letting the system play itself out
without expressing ones opinion can allow things to get out of hand.

You've heard about that mayor in Denver that was planning on not putting up the words "Merry Christmas" next year because it might offend someone. And he was planning on using "Happy Holidays", "Seasons Greetings" instead so it would be "inclusive"? He's backed off on that stance since then only because people stood up and said NO.

The same goes here with that Rep in Alabama.
Sure he's probably only looking to get reelected aren't they always? It still doesn't hurt to cuff their ear every now and then to get their attention and snap them back to reality.

This especially holds true when such groups
as the Federated Group, Macy's, and several
other large stores have announced they are removing all "Merry Christmas" signs and only putting up "Happy Holidays" type signs.

Extremism in either direction, Left or Right, doesn't really serve Us nor is it constructive.


I found this article to be particularly interesting. I was going to place it in
the post on A Return to America but, since
the topic here also shows the interests
of Special Interest Groups the Alabama Rep
is obviously catering to it seemed appropriate to place it here.

"Returning to America's Founding Principles"

Well, I sure hope he also bans those school textbooks that teach evolution.

Damn, they already are banned!


How about going back to the idea that the Earth is the center of the solar system
and the Earth is flat. Oh wait, Isn't
there some small group out there that still adheres to the idea that the Earth is flat?

... LOL


You are so right! I read your statement and thought that you so had a point there..... which is why you posted it in the first place..... gosh I feel dumb.

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