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December 06, 2004



"where this website is redundant."? How
about integrating this site or the concept of this site in with the DA's site?


The more the merrier -- would be great to link this site up with the DAUK site, making the fact that it is loaded with posts from people who are neither 1) and expat 2) against Bush 3) Democrats or 4) abroad ... even more surreal.

In the meantime, could it be wishful thinking or has Rummy finally run the course of his poisonous career in the Bush admin? Even the troops are openly rebelling now.

And what's up with NINE cabinet members resigning?? It's just like our allies -- people can't get away from this loser fast enough.

Unfortunately I have a bad feeling something really nasty is about to go down and people are just getting out while they can. I'm not sure what it is yet but it's just a hunch.


Yeah, except for Rummy, who showed his true colors by responding to questions from the troops like he responds to Democrats, sort of like a get away from me boy, you bother me. What else would you expect from a guy who answers, "Stuff happens." In this case of course, it's "As you know, you go to war with the Army you have." Great way to talk to a guy who's risking his life for you and great show of support. I'm sure lots of new recruits are signing up.


I have to agree with both of you. Having
been in the service I know that having
the necessary equipment, weapons, etc isn't
always the reality but, Rumsfeld's response
to the questions was completely out of line
and irresponsible; Pendejo Jerkoff!

It's either that or he had a brain fart as
to whom he was talking to; soldiers about to
deploy into a combat zone.


While Bush does respond to the issue:

I really don't believe that this should take
the heat off of Rumsfeld. He's the friggin
Secretary of Defense and is directly responsbile for seeing to it that Our people
DO have the very best possible in hand when
being deployed to a combat zone. This isn't
rocket science for cryin out loud.


And then this:


When is that thug Rumsfeld going to act responsibly and quit. Or be sacked.


Chrish, wake up! Rummy is merely doing what his boss does... why do you think he's staying and Powell is going? Bush's response is all about damage control, what any politician would do AFTER he sees that it matters to the public.

Otherwise, we've all seen that Bush scowl before many times, most recently with the missing explosives. First he pretended he didn't hear the questions, then he refused to answer, and then of course after the election, he won because it blew over. Now you see clearly that it doesn't matter where the questions come from, even from a guy who's life is at risk from your policies.

Now of course that it's in the public eye, Rummy will go talk to the soldier to make it look like he's doing something. But of course, not when he was asked... like Bush, he took it as an insult and responded pretty much by saying, you'll go fight with what we give you and you'll like it.


Down Jeff, down.... I agreed with both of
your's statements... Trying to poke a stick in the eye now, getta little dig in?

Just because I've supported Bush doesn't mean I'm going to fall on my hands and knees
and kiss his friggin boots nor back him or his administration at every juncture.

Can you say the same thing with regards to the Democratic politicians you're willing to bend the knee at?


How am I willing to bow down to Democratic politicians? I have little trust of them either, but they didn't get us into this disastrous war and they're not the ones who continue to lie about it every day. What difference does it make for you to tell me that I make salient points if you're still willing to back Bush and let him lie until another thousand soldiers die and then another and then another? War is hard work... just not for him and certainly not for his oil executive friends and not for those who don't dare question Bush... they're getting promoted every day.


You know, if I were president and I wanted someone to run Homeland Security, I'd pick someone who didn't violate immigration and tax laws, someone who was a cop who hadn't been arrested before, and someone who hadn't made millions selling security stuff to the government.

I'd also take just the teeniest weeniest bit of time to find this sort of thing out, you know, the kind that can be looked up in public records, before announcing my choice to the rest of the world. But hey... that's just me... I suppose if I were kept in power by masses of people who didn't care if me or my administration were competent, I might not care either.


Hey gang:

Just got back from a week's vacation in Orlando; first time I've spent any significant time in the US since pre-9/11.

Be warned: Reading this post can be harmful to your pride as an American.

If any of you do plan on vacationing back in the US and have not been back since 9/11, either stay out of the red states or prepare yourself for culture shock like you've never seen before. One week in the "I-4 corridor" will demonstrate why Bush remains in office. Having talked to a good cross section of mostly southern Americans in the Jacuzzi each night, my wife and I were even more amazed at the amount of brainwashing that the US has undergone.

Even the educated ones make comments that are so ignorant, it's unimaginable. For example, there was a pharmacist's conference going on at the Orange County Convention Center, 2 blocks from our hotel. We got to talking to a 25 year pharmacist about the Bush policy of not allowing Canadian drugs to be imported. His one and only argument was "Well, you don't know if your drugs are counterfeit or not."

Although not worth arguing with ignorance, I said "Um, yes I do know". He says "How do you know?" I said, "I'm an American whose Canadian wife is a registered nurse that works in a hospital" I went on to explain that over 80% of the drugs in Canada are American drugs that are marketed under different names by American drug companies. They use subsidiary names, sell them much cheaper and still make a pretty profit, thus completely dispelling all the dumbass comments Bush made in the debates.

So this guy looks at my wife and says, "Well, you don't know if the drugs you give your patients are counterfeit or tainted." My wife and I looked at each other in sheer amazement and told the guy "Are you so brainwashed by the media that you actually think Canada, a G7 nation on the doorstep of the US, gives untested third world drugs to its citizens? And in a hospital no less?"

The worst part is how rather than ask some more questions that might help him learn the facts, he brushed us off and said "Well, I don't know enough about the problem so I'll just go with what they tell us."


I have never ever been happier to get back in line at the airport and head back to Canada. There are so many Bush banners, billboards and flags covering the ENTIRE passenger side doors of cars (not just a bumper sticker) that it made me want to vomit.

When we visited the Canadian Pavilion at Epoct's World of Nations, we talked to the Canadian girls that were there (Disney sponsors residents of each nation to work for 1 year). They told us that during November they were verbally abused, and even spit on because of Canada's lack of participation in Iraq. They told us there were parents that dragged their kids away from the cashiers, telling them stuff like "we don't buy from Canada, they don’t support us" and dragged them next door to the UK pavilion.

Mention that you live in Canada, even if you're an expat, an it's 50-50 that you'll be met with genuine anger. Or dumbass ignorant questions like living in igloos. It used to be that you just laugh at the hicks that marry their cousins and expect ignorance from those not exposed to reality. But now it's different. We even met people from Minnesota and the Northeast that are unwilling to budge on Bush policies and immediately ready to condemn anyone who has the audacity to question the president.

And one other example: Disneyworld has 4 theme parks and hundreds of rides, shows and attractions. While we were at one of the shows that they need audience volunteers for, they asked a Nebraska family what is their favorite thing in Disneyworld? With all the possibilities, they didn’t even have to think about it. They proudly blurted out "The Freedom show at the U.S. Pavilion." (Since we went in between Thanksgiving and Xmas, the park was empty. 5 minute waits or no waiting everywhere. With 1 exception. The in-your-face display of American pride show is so popular, they sell advance tickets a week before. Practically no people in any other pavilion that highlights 12 nations. God Forbid they should educate their kids to anything non-American.)


As for The Rummy fiasco, I suppose none of us would expect anything besides a condescending snide and asinine comment like that from a guy who never ever had to risk his own ass like those he would send to die without blinking an eye. Naturally, the question was planted by a reporter. My wife has often questioned how the US can call declare itself as having a "free press" when any reporter that has the gall to question current policy is permanently blackballed?

You've heard others quote Thomas Wolfe over and over ("You can't go home again") but never in US history has this ever been so true. If it wasn't for California, I'd accept the fact that I can never ever live in my country again. Yes, there are millions of Republicans there too. But they vote Republican for the right reasons; it benefits them financially. NOT because of the undeniable amount of fear that the citizens of Jesusworld prominently display.

To me, every day is September 12th in so much of America. They are stalled in time by president that has instilled fear in its citizens. And it makes me prouder than ever to call myself a blue stater that will NEVER support the McCarthyism (Round Two) that so much of America has become. Unfortunately, the enemy seems to be the rest of the world, not the Communists.


Well Jeff, considering that your Kerry was
saying he would put more troops into Iraq, if elected, told Bush he was too easy on Fallujah implying he would have, in all probablility, gone into Fallujah at the first sign of trouble. Also considering your Kerry voted for going into Iraq irregardless of his voting but, not wanting to BS. You tell me who's not bending the knee at the Party Leadership? Wasn't your's
one of the rants "Anybody but Bush"? I guess not everybody fell for that brain dead mantra.


Chrish, what's your point? Regarding war plans, after you start it, do well with the invasion, but really screw up the occupation, what options are left? The only practical thing to do right now won't fly and that is to institute a draft and double the number of troops we have on the ground. Since Americans are not willing to commit like that, we face the actual prospect of losing a war that we didn't have to fight against someone who wasn't a threat to us. Do you even remember who's fault that is?

As for voting to go to Iraq, I don't know why you can't read the resolution itself and see what's in there. Without the authorization to use force, there would have been much less pressure on Saddam to comply with inspection, after all, what good is a build up of military forces if you can't use it?

Let me quote for you Chrish (since apparently you still haven't read Iraq On The Record, a site which you've asked me for at least 3 times):

"(1) reliance by the United States on further diplomatic or other peaceful means alone either (A) will not adequately protect the national security of the United States against the continuing threat posed by Iraq or (B) is not likely to lead to enforcement of all relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq, and

(2) acting pursuant to this resolution is consistent with the United States and other countries continuing to take the necessary actions against international terrorists and terrorist organizations, including those nations, organizations or persons who planned, authorized, committed or aided the terrorists attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001."

It's a well drafted document, I would have voted for it, particularly if I believed any of the crap that the President was saying about mushroom clouds and unmanned drones spraying cities with bio weapons. Since we now know that (2) is a complete sham and that the President and his men lied to us, that leaves (1).

The world's most powerful army sitting right outside Iraq's borders, obviously capable of taking Saddam out, inspectors inside begging for more time, forced to withdraw not because Saddam kicked them out of the country, but because we can't wait any longer than two months after we got the U.N. to send them in. Please, tell me again what the rush was?

You think my mantra is anybody but Bush, but it isn't. It's that Kerry and most other candidates that I can think of (including McCain) are better than someone who's a liar and an incompetent who gets tens of thousands of people killed with his main justifications proven false and the rest of the world thinking that we invaded for oil.



Interesting? I suppose so if one is really
into the cloak & dagger thing or conspiracy theories....


...Or if one is really into looking into the facts so that we can protect the principles of democracy in our nation. But go ahead Chrish (presumably) try to smear that as some kind of loony liberal concept.


So there was masses of attention giving credence to the handful of Swift Boat Liars - the leader of which was a hatchetman for Nixon way back when, and none of whom actually knew Kerry. Yet affidavits from eyewitnesses about irregularities in how the election was conducted are dismissed as nutty by Bush supporters.

For democracy to work, elections not only have to be clean & fair, they have to be SEEN to be clean & fair. One look at Diebold would make anyone uneasy, as does the lack of a paper trail. And why did people have to wait in line for hours and hours to vote? And why is it considered loony to even ask these questions?



Bush just wants the Kerik mess to go away, but it just shows how freaking incompetent he and his administration is. Once again in a rush to appoint someone to the incredibly important position of protecting the homeland, he failed to do any homework. Now embarrassing details are leaking out that any idiot could have figured out. Now in addition to the arrest and immigration problems, he also was bankrupt, failed to report lavish gifts, and had an extramarital affair with his publisher in an apartment meant for 9/11 rescue workers. Good job Prez! He can't even protect his own ass and so many of you trust him to protect yours.


Well, as for the color coded stupidity disguised as homeland security, the following was my experience leaving Orlando last week:

The alert level was yellow. There were so many signs warning of an elevated terrorist threat and so many security people shouting things at tourists, they did suceesfully manage to get almost all small childern in the line to shriek in fear, grasping their parents for dear life.

Scaring the shit out of little kids enusres that the Bush people maintain thier status quo for generations to come.

Homeland security equals FEAR according to Bush. And it obviously worls well.



I just came back from a week's worth of vacation from Orlando myself. It is so funny to read your observations, I can concurr in so many of them. I live in a blue state (Cali) and have been to 2 blue states (Mass and NY) and two red states (Arizona and Florida) since election.
I found Florida particularly interesting, the amount of "red white and blue pride" everywhere, the USA "ra-ra-ra" attitude in your face, and that ubiquitous fear and paranoia stands in stark contrast with the much more measured and reasonable attitude of the blue states. (some radio stations in Orlando actually play the national anthem at 6am - how embarrassing.)

It seems amazing to me how easily manipulated people are. And how fear makes people so irrational. Did you guys hear the reports about terrorists who want to take down planes with lasers? What a ridiculous notion! Such government warnings ought to be ridiculed and dismissed, but the American media gives it so much air time and plays it up so much that it just goes on to stoke people's irrational fear even more (This confirms my belief that the media in this country 1. is crap and 2. is in with the right)

It all reminds me of the days when they kept us paranoid about the threat of communism, with the Vietnamese army about to invade San Francisco and Seattle. So stupid, but people are too dumb in America to think for themselves and just fall for these manipulative little stories. Time and again!
I was happy that I don't live in a place where I am constantly afraid of terrorists, foreigners, gays or minorities. Thank God that people here can be a bit more rational.

The paralles between the cold war and today's "ongoing global war on terrorism" are amazing! The idea is to keep people afraid and then manipulate them to the Pentagon's own liking. I was watching CNN doing their bit on providing us insights into that "exotic" place far, far away called Japan and some of the issues that they face. They had a US Air Force general speaking and, guess what, the only concern the Japanese seem to have is how to protect themselves from terrorism. That was it! Nothing else was talked about. That is how CNN managed to boil down all of the critical issues of a nation of over 120 million people. I have a Japanese friend who came here a couple of months ago and happened to be watching the same news station. He seemed to disagree with that USAF general. In fact, he claims that in Tokyo, terrorism is one of the least important issues and that, would you believe it, the issues concerning Japan are very different than the Pentagon or its subsidiary, CNN, would have us believe.

I love this idea of all terrorism, all the time. It works so well for the warmongers and it just goes to show how idiotic Americans really are. But then again, people's naive belief that Iraq was and is the right thing to do is enough proof of that.

Yeah, instead of providing armor for our soldiers, let's do incredibly expensive missile tests that fail.



Thanks for your post; I was actaully scared that nobdoy who reads this site would understand or identify with what I said.

I am also from 2 blue states (born in NYC, spent 12 years in Cal). Going to Florida made me realize that Canada's an OK place to be for now and that when I am ready to cash in the house proceeds and move back, California or the West Coast is the only option. I used to love to travel across the US but assuming Florida is fairly representative of what most of the country has become, I will never step foot in any other state (at least til 2008 anyway)

>This confirms my belief that the media in this country 1. is crap and 2. is in with the right)

The funny part is how virtually everyone we spoke to over 7 days somehow insists that the US has a "liberal media." When we pressed for specific examples, we found a general consensus that any viewpoint expressed that was not pro-Iraq was generally considered "unpatriotic", thus liberal. Dumbasses, one and all.

>It all reminds me of the days when they kept us paranoid about the threat of communism,

I'm too young to fully remember these days (born in 1965) but I read a lot of books. The similarities between the Johnson/Nixon administrations and Bush are strikingly amazing. I'm reading a book called "Boomer Nation" that tracks the lives of 6 boomers who have all been successful but whose curremt viewpoints are different from their younger days. Some liken Johnson to a war criminal, having lied so blatently to the public about Vietnam. It also cites some new tapes released in 2001 that record Nixon crying to his wife about how to resolve an unwinnable war without losing face.

I'd like to believe that people just use terrorism and fear as a convenient justification for why they voted Bush but then I watched NBC news last night. The latest approval ratings show the same 49% approval as last summer. And this comes one day after the Pentagon publically admits that "the insurgency has worsened".

But the idiots in Jesusville only hear their original lie after Fallujah when they calimed that they have "driven out all the insurgents."

Iroinically, here in Canada, the Federal Government:
a) kisses Bush's ass 2 weeks ago at his only official visit to Canada. And then 2 days ago:
b) has the Supreme Court rule that every province MUST sanction gay marriage as legitimate. Holy shit; can you see the red states rolling if they actually knew anything about the rest of the free world?

As for world coverage, we tried to explain the difference between a CBC news broadcast about anything regarding Iraq and an American media's same slant. They refuse to even accept the notion that anyone in Iraq might actually denounce the occupation of their country. Even if they think it's true, they are so brainwashed with fear that they still think that Saddam had ties to 9/11. I kid you not, lots we talked to still believe this.

>I love this idea of all terrorism, all the time. It works so well for the wrmongers.

Yup. Disneyworld cracks me up. Even in off-season, you have to wait forever while 6 dollar an hour fake cops search every single bag, fanny pack, handbag and backpack. In 7 days, we never figured out what is is they might be looking for. Nor did they actully search any bag; just kind of made it look like the Disney Corporation is "protecting the homeland."

They say those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Slightly more than 55,000 Americans died needelessly in Vietnam. By 2008, the 10,000 mark in Iraq is quite reachable. And yet they all still think historians will look on Bush as some great savior of the land.

Poor doomed kids that have to grow up in places that promote fear in order to keep the GOP alive and kicking.


I just read the results of the Pisa International Education tests. It struck me that while the States rank somewhere between 30th and 45th spot in most categories, Canadian kids score in the top 10 in virtually every single category. Why the discrepancy? We should do as well as they, but for some reason, we don't.

I guess that is what happens when you have schools avoiding teaching evolution and world geography in favor of learning to recite the pledge of allegiance and abstinence only sex ed.

Then again, that might explain why Canada didn't lose +55K soldiers in Vietnam or +1.2K in Iraq.



Regarding this "I guess that is what happens when you have schools avoiding teaching evolution and world geography in favor of learning to recite the pledge of allegiance and abstinence only sex ed."

You might also want to add to your litany
sex ed or how to put a rubber on a cucumber,
overly obsessive classes in Alternative
Lifestyles, movement away from the basic's
Reading, Writing, and Artithmetic and leaning more towards "Political Correctness"
and Bi-Lingual education, and the most
infuriating one ever hatched by Liberals
"class advancement" or more commonly known
as "Self Esteem", rewriting or rejection of history according to Liberals, on and on and on. That's why we have problems with our educational system. We have people who
are more concerned with their agenda's, right or left, than they are with educating
the kids...

At the very least say it like it is; both sides, Liberals and Conservatives, have F--Ked up our educational system and are continuing to do so even if it means destroying the minds of the kids they have
taken on the responsibility to educate.

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