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December 21, 2004



Knowing everything we do about Bush, this doesn't surprise me in the least bit. It's fairly obvious that Bush wants to change the agencies that were designed to protect the very freedoms he claims to defend so they conform with his twisted version of Unilateral Global Dominace. I'm sure if he had his way, there would be no FBI or CIA, simply a DOD that enforces his simplistic views of "freedom" by military dominance.

The sad part is that this story, if true, will no doubt leak to the press. But it won't be NBC or CNN. It'll be BBC, CBC, or Al-Jazeera. American networks rarely show stories that are deemed too contrary to American values, even if they're true. Instead, network executives decide the public can't handle it and choose some obscure crime story from Butthole, Tennessee which is clearly easier to take than actually questioning the government's actions

Allowing the public to judge the story for themselves is something only expats have the luxury of understanding since we can see both American and non-American coverage. That's called an actual free press. Instead, it'll be dismissed as some pro-Muslim, Anti-American, unpatriotic liberal media bias.


Bush ordered these??? NO! I don't believe it. He would never...


I've seen many posts on this site from Bushlovers claiming that resistance from Iraquis to US occupation simply does not exist. They claim that whenever I quote some report from a non-US network, it must simply be false or misinformation.

So here is a quote from today's US newspapers written by an Associated Press report regarding the deadly attack in Mosul yesterday:
There was little apparent sympathy for the dead Americans on the streets of Mosul, particularly among its large population of Sunni Arabs. The city also is home to a Kurdish minority whose two main political parties are U.S. allies.

"When occupiers come to any country (they) find resistance. And this is within Iraqi resistance," Sattar Jabbar said of the attack.

"I prefer that American troops leave the country and go out of cities so that Iraq will be safer and we run its affairs," Jamal Mahmoud, a trade union official. "I wish that 2,000 U.S. soldiers were killed, not 20."

So do I have to SHOUT IT OUT ??????????
There are TENS of THOUSANDS of Iraquis who feel that the occupation is an invasion of their sovereignty, regardless of how evil the previous dictator may have been.

Quotes like this PROVE that there will be countless more killings of Americans over the next few months. This is an Iraqui and he supports the killing of Americans. Wake up, world. Bush will never ever exit the country unless Iraq has a self-sufficient army. This guy demonstrates pretty clearly that the odds of that happening are the same as the odds of the Cubs winning the World Series. Next to nothing.

How can anyone continue to deny the fact that American troops have no place trying to force their own brand of western democracy on a country that regards them as "occupiers." ???

The occupation is a waste of American money and lives. As jj states, until ALL Americans start giving a shit, nothing will ever change. What kills me is you don't even hear the families of the military questioning why joining the army means risking a horrible death so Bush can make his mark in the history books? Dumbasses.


better them than me

top 10

top 10 statements of 2004. Merry Christmas to one and all:

* Rush Limbaugh on the Abu Ghraib photos: "I'm talking about people having a good time, these people, you ever heard of emotional release? You ever heard of need to blow some steam off?"
* Ann Coulter: "[Senator John] Kerry will improve the economy in the emergency services and body bag industry."
* Tony Blankley called philanthropist George Soros "a Jew who figured out a way to survive the Holocaust."
* Michael Savage: "When you hear 'human rights,' think gays. ... [T]hink only one thing: someone who wants to rape your son."
* Oliver North: "Every terrorist out there is hoping John Kerry is the next president of the United States."
* Pat Robertson on gays and lesbians: "[S]elf-absorbed hedonists ... that want to impose their particular sexuality on the rest of America."
* Pat Buchanan: "[H]omosexuality is an affliction, like alcoholism."
* Bill O'Reilly to Jewish caller: "[I]f you are really offended, you gotta go to Israel."
* Bill Cunningham (Clear Channel radio host who appeared as a guest on The Sean Hannity Show): The election is over because "Elizabeth Edwards has now sung."
* Jerry Falwell: "And we're going to invite PETA [to "wild game night"] as our special guest, P-E-T-A -- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. We want you to come, we're going to give you a top seat there, so you can sit there and suffer. This is one of my special groups, another one's the ACLU, another is the NOW -- the National Order of Witches [sic]. We've got -- I've got a lot of special groups."

(And I thought Jesus taught us to accept everyone. I guess not if you are a jew, Iraqi, muslim, gay, a liberal female, or John Kerry)


God, their hatred and hyprocasy is disgusting. I can't wait until the entire venom-spewing post-9/11 right wing reaction poisoning America is over once and for all. The nerve of these people to claim a moral high ground!


Terrorists don't hate freedom. Riiiight.


Hatred is only ok if it comes from the left.

And by the way, Oliver North was correct. Usama even said he would spare states that vote for Kerry. Hilarious.


I can't believe this site is still up, though a lot less active. Keep that hate up.



Yeah, it's real hatred to show compassion for humanity. At least some of us know how to do that. Let's hear it for your illustrious leader for finally interrupting his precious vacation to make a statement about America's stand on the worst natural disaster of the last 100 years. And that statement was only to rebuke the complaints from those suffering (and the UN) regarding the horribly pathetic reaction from the "leader of the free world."

Once again, Bush has a chance to REALLY step up and show the world that America is a world leader. But rather than miss any time on his ranch, he lets 4 days lapse, then defends himself by pledging an amount of money that America spends every 4 hours on Iraq. That's the example he wants the world to see?

Once again it makes me horribly ashamed that my government can run up trillions of dollars for some misguided bullshit political agenda disguised as freedom and patriotism, but can't even make an immediate pledge for a significant aid package after 80,000 people have died.

Yeah, keep cheering your president, Jim. I'll choose to stay in Canada. (Ironically, the PM was on vacation also but somehow found the time to pledge an immediate $4 million. The very next day)


ooooooohhhhh, Canada pledged $4 million. Whoopee. The US has pledged $35 million, just to start, but has already been dropping in food and medicine with c-130's and the USS Abraham Lincoln is on it's way with it's support ships with additional aid. Ooooohhhh Canada. Don't break your arm patting yourself on your back. At least Martin is in office instead of Chretien. It took that guy almost a month to find Manhattan after 9/11. I didn't know Ottawa was so far away from New York. Canadians love to say they are America's best friend, as Brian Williams said during the last Winter Olympics (I had to laugh), then they spit on us. Ya, most people go spitting on their best friends.



First of all, Canada's poluation is 1/8 that of the US thus, $4 million is proportionately equal to the US's $35 million.

Secondly, by no means am I patting Canada on the back. Everyone up here thinks Chretian was an embarrasment to a G8 nation and Martin is nothing more than a puppet forced to kiss America's ass. That is reality.

Your comments about "friendhip" are typical of most Bush supporters: (If you're not with us, you're against us) In other words, every single nation that is an ally of the US (which includes virtually every nation on the planet except N Korea) should agree with all Bush policies regarding the occupation and invasion of countries in the name of "freedom and democracy"

What a one sided comment. For your information, over 80% of the populus in Canada supported the decision not to join your president's war. And the same 80% are opposed to Bush as we speak. But I guess Canadians are not entitled to an opinion other than an endorsement of Bush policies.

As for best friends, the US have none except for Tony Blair. Bush has made absolutely sure about that. What they have is trading partners that find it in their economic interest to remain on the best possible terms with the US. But I guess you were not aware that the country that spits on you sends more goods to America than any other country in the world.

My point is how everything still revolves around an Iraqui election, even in the face of a real disaster. Funny how other nations send aid workers and troops to help but all Bush can do is drop supplies. God Forbid any troops should use their expertise to a cause other than "freedom and democracy" in Iraq.


Ths US is sending troops to aid in Sri Lanka. Helloooo!!


Of course Canadians have every right not to like the US or it's policies. But so many of them want to have it both ways, claiming to be America's "best friend" then spitting on us.(which you love)

Canadian Mad Cow

When King George of Crawford sets aside his ego and says he doesn't need a $40 million coronation on the purse of his biggest campaign contributors, when he says he'd rather see that money go to tsunami relief, then maybe I won't hate the little bastard's guts. How's that? That's just a little Canadian outrage for you about that nasty little carbuncle you call a President.

Canadians don't want it any way that King George of Crawford wants it. We want to see that little creep and all the creeps that surround him completely and utterly discredited by the evil they are perpetuating in the Middle East and at home and pretty well everywhere else. We want to see these thugs go down in a ball of scandal that will destroy them and all they stand for for ever and ever. I do not ever want humanity to be desecrated by the likes of these evil pigs again. That's the way Canadians want it. You can think what you damn well like about that. When we shut off the water, you can go golf on the astro turf in one of your many football stadiums and STFU.

How's that for spitting on your stinking pig imperialist government?



Well put, Mad Cow. Masterful, even.

that about sums up the way most Canadians (and most of the world) feel about Bush. But Mad Cow said it a tad more forcefully than most Candains normally would.

The Canadian Oilsands in Alberta contain 4 times the amount of extractabale oil than all the Saudi Reserves. Someday, when the well runs dry in Bushland, they may actually come begging Canada like they did when they screwed up their flu vaccine supply. Hopefully, there will be a leader with the balls to stand up to Bush as much as Chretian did by saying no to war (his only worthwhile accomplishment, I might add)


Chretien spit on the twin towers. That's what he did. But he at least proved his point that he wouldn't bow down to America.

King George? How many Kings get elected? I believe Martine (or the Liberals) didn't even get a majority vote.

By the way, I don't remember Clinton or any other world leaders turning down their innaugeral parties. Clinton did it up too. He probably made you guys proud by smoking a dube, getting a bjer and nailing his best friends wife all in that same day.

Do you guys promise not to come down here or take our money any more, since we are sooooo evil? Please promise. Hypocrites!

"Canadians don't want it any way that King George of Crawford wants it. " That quote says it all. So small minded. So typical.


Oh and Mad Cow, don't forget to add that Canada is America's best friend.



Many Canadians may agree with Madcow, but don't usually act that way to Americans so I don't think you have anything to worry about. Canadians like American people but a large majority do not like Bush. That is not really too hard to understand. Most of the world does not like him.

I'm curious about your loyalty to Bush morality. Didn't you ever smoke a joint, have a tawdry sexual experience or anything else that almost all Gen Xers did in their college days? Why do you Bush people constantly refer back to actions of Clinton's that had absolutely nothing to do with foreign or domestic policy?

As for spitting on the towers, I take a personal offense to that comment. I worked at 5 WTC for 4 years so I think I have more of an emotional tie to 9/11 than you do. Canadians took in Americans all over the country. And what does your president do? Comment on Britain as America's best friend. Bush spit first; Chretian reacted as he should have.

Unless you have friends that are Canadian, you can't really understand much about them.
As for taking your money, what do you mean by that? Last time I checked, it still costs me $1.20 to get back $1 USD.

One more point that irritates me about your so called "liberal media." As I'm watching CNN a few minutes ago, the commentator is interviewing a guy and discussing how much aid America is giving. The guy responds that American corporations, endowments and churches contribute more than other countries and that the US contributes 40% of the entire world's total contribution towards humanitarian aid. OK, I can probably agree with that.

But then he goes on to drill this guy over and over about the negative comments coming from the UN, the Europeans and half the affected countries.
"Why, for the love of God, " he says "if we contribute so much money won't the world acknowledge this?" Then he says "I don’t understand how America can’t spread this publicity about itself. We give so much." And even after the guy won’t come out and say the obvious answer, he asks again: "But what is the problem with our image if we give so much money and aid?"

Uhhhhhh, 3 words:

What you Bushies simply ignore is this: The world mostly hates America right now. No amount of aid is going to change that and your president is 100% to blame. But you guys are so short-sighted, you simply turn the other cheek. Why ????


Many/most Canadians acted wonderfully at that time.

It took Chretien a month to find Manhattan. Even the Toronto Star said is was shameful of him to take so long.


No Canadian or American denies that Chretian was a moron. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to run a country that is politically subserviant to its superpower neighbor. Most government programs in canada are status quo, year after year. Rarely is there significant social change and the military is an absoloute joke. But they are the only G8 country that pays their UN debt in full every year and they are good at mopping up any mess that the American military leaves behind.

Thank you for admitting that most members of this country acted gracious. Coming from you, I consider that a big positive.

And now please contribute something to the tsunami victims as all citizens of North America should.


I have and they should.



Hope you have a happy and healthy new year

No hatred


finally, the US military is doing something I support. About bloody time.


Darroll Mckinney

(Please, print this out it is very long, highlight it, copy it, and disseminate via email.)

Lets take our country back!!! We can do it if we stand up, be heard, and be counted. Thank You for your help in this endeavor. It does not matter if you are a democrat or republican, we need to act now, to force a change. We can not forget when we go to vote, those who have supported Bush through all the bad decisions, and over the objections of their constituents.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Bad News Bush!!!

A horrible decision maker

TO: All New Democrats, and Old.

Republicans who have changed

Parties due to all bush lies.

All Readers every where.

From: A Former Republican,

life long police officer,

now medically retired

Dear Readers,

I was watching TV last night and was struck with the fact we now have a brand new Bush controversy. For those who do not keep up with the political scene, that means a new Bush lie. It is over this re-released video showing that he did know the levees in New Orleans very well may break. I guess he said a week after Katrina that, "no one expected the levees to break." Big deal, it is just another Bush screw up, as he has the whole time he has been in office. For those who do not keep up, let us review.

1. The Bush campaign in 2000. He was going around telling everyone he is a devout Christian. As far as I have seen, this is a lie. Growing up I use to see Presidents going to church every Sunday. I have never seen Bush go to church, unless he was expected to be there for a photo opt. In fact the only thing I can see he is totally loyal to, and worships is the Almighty American Dollars, and lots of them. We have seen his loyalty to big business and money time and time again. Big business has followed his lead and are making the highest profits in business history, and doing it anyway they can. Unethically, criminally, or anyway they can think of, to get it. Has he ever once came out and said big business, you have a responsibility to be ethical. No, he has not, and I bet he wont.

2. In the 2000 election he used his brother, the Governor of Florida, to muddy up the election numbers so he would have a shot at that State. He did not win the popular vote, we now know this, it is fact. When the college vote was in question, did he offer to be a man and have a run off election, letting the voters decide who should be President? No, he brought in the lawyers and took his case all the way to the supreme court. Where he was appointed President by the justices. They choose chose for us, not letting the people decide.

3. Bush before 9-11, failed to act on dire warnings from Clinton experts who stayed behind to try and protect the country. He placed his loyal friends in high offices, instead of qualified professionals who worked in the departments all their lives. If you look at the 9-11 commission report, you will see how often Bush was warned to hit bin-laden before he hit us. We know what happened.

4. Bush on 9-11, and directly after. What did Bush do when he was told a huge plane just hit the world trade center in New York? Nothing, he sat in the Florida school room with a stupid look on his face. In fact he sat there until the second and third planes hit. Then he got out of town on Air Force One. I heard an interview with him just a day after the attacks. He was asked what made him angriest that day. His answer shocked me, I was expecting to hear the attack itself. No, what made him the angriest was not being able to constantly talk to Cheney at the white house, while he was on Air Force One. That proved to me how much he relied on Cheney to make the decisions, because he couldn’t.

5. After the attack I heard Condee Rice, his national security advisor on TV say, "I do not think anyone could have guessed what these terrorists did." I expected her to be fired, right? It is her job to guess about such threats. It did not take long before we discovered, she had been specifically warned about just this kind of attack. Even told it would be the world trade center. There were the 2 FBI memo’s, a CIA report done with the DOD called operation Able Danger, and other terrorist experts in the white house. Was she fired, no, two years later she was promoted. Now go figure that one. In fact Bush held no one accountable for their failure to act, why not? Because it was mostly his fault. He had been warned.

6. We now know just a few days after the attacks he ordered the NSA to start an illegal wiretapping operation. Something he would tell no one about for another year. Then after the attorneys figured out a scheme to try and make an argument as to why he broke the FISA laws, he then, and only then told four people in Congress, and then would only tell them a little about it. The attorneys told him he had better tell someone in Congress because this would leak out someday. No one knew they would have four more years until it came out, but that is what they got. Or maybe I should say three more years, because as I understand it, the New York Times sat on the story for a year. God only knows what else they came up with that we still do not know. I pray it all see’s the light of day in the future.

7. We know after the 9-11 attacks Bush ordered the military into Afghanistan. However, he refused to send enough troops to make sure they would get Bin-Laden. To this day we know Bin-Laden is still alive, and hiding out someplace in that region. Now why would he not order enough troops in. By best guess from everything I know, is that he was already planning to get rid of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. This is not just my guess either, a lot of people close to this white house have guessed that as well.

8. We now know right after 9-11 he ordered his lawyers to come up with a legal argument to support his wishes for torture, to open secret prisons, and how long he could hold people without charges, or due process of law. In other words, he did not want to know how many legal rights he had to give prisoners, he wanted to know how many he could take away. And he talks of spreading democracy around the globe, as if that were the wishes of the founding fathers so long ago. I can just see them now, we have such a great new form of government we need to force the rest of the world into our way of doing things. If they resist, we will start killing them until they come around to our way of thinking. The first person we shall put in charge, to lead us to our great destiny, shall be King George Washington.

9. Now think about the 9-11 commission, Bush would not release any White House documents, would not let anyone in the Administration testify, claiming executive privilege. It was not until the many thousands of victims families started raising enough hell over the Administration trying to keep an investigation from taking place. It was if they were trying to hide it all behind a top secret envelope. Why would they do that, that is easy to answer, because they knew they had screwed up very badly. They knew they had been specifically warned about Al-Qaeda, and possible terrorists taking flying lessons. Rice knew she had dropped the ball right on Bush’s balls. He must not have minded, he not only did not fire her, he promoted her two years later. Not only did Rice no say she was to blame, she denied she had any fault in the disaster. She refused to apologize to the victims families, in the same kind of smug elitist manner they still handle everything, as if everyone else is to stupid to understand what is going on. This whole attitude ran through the entire Administration. Saying all the time they would not change anything they had done, as if they are so smart, no one in the Administration made a mistake that horrible day. When you refuse to learn anything new from life, you should go ahead and hang it up, you are doomed.

10. The next thing Bush did right after 9-11 was telling the Department of Defense (DOD) to get their war plans out for Iraq. He already knew he was going to take Saddam out, no matter what it took. He sent Don Rumsfeld to what is known as Central Command. This is the name of the Army General’s headquarters for the middle east region, including Iraq. Rumsfeld asked the General how many troops he would need to invade Iraq to kill or arrest Saddam. The General had been in charge of this area of the world for three years. He was a four star General, the highest attainable rank in the United States Army. The General told Rumsfeld it would take him a month to come up with a good comprehensible plan. Rumsfeld was interested in troop numbers, and time tables only. How long the General thought it would take to get to Bagdad, take out the elite guard troops, and capture Saddam. The General went to work with the best the Army had to offer. He took every bit of that month to talk to all the experts, and come up with a plan. Oddly enough this General came up with the exact same number General Schwarzkopf of the first Gulf War had. The currant General was asking for five hundred thousand troops , all their equipment, and support divisions. This instantly pissed off Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz, deputy secretary of defense. Wolfowitz had drawn up a plan right after the first gulf war saying it would not take very many troops to

10. Continued ;

win a war with Iraq. The General would not budge on his figure of half a million men. After all the first gulf war was only to throw Saddam out of Kuwait, not to invade and take over control of Iraq. The General was then fired, and Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz went shopping for a new General. They eventually found a three star General who said he could do the job with an eight of the troops the first General had said. He was promoted and placed in charge of Central Command. The General’s plan and Wolfowitz’s old plan that he had drawn up in 1992 was dam close to the same thing. Imagine that, a decade apart and the old plan is still the one to have. As the Administration saw it. They thought the Iraqis people would jump in and help us, that we would be welcomed as liberates not a concurring Army. In short, the General they found, and promoted, went right along with the Administrations idea of a war. Sorry I do not know their names. I can tell you this, the information/story was filmed on PBS’s show "frontline", in 2003 or 04. None of the story was contested by this Administration, or the United States Army. They were asked to go on the record and tell their side of the story, but they declined all requests for interviews. I will tell you this also, Frontline does a super Great Job of finding a story and telling it in a non-partisan way. They just investigate to get the facts, and that is all. They try their best to stay out of politics. It is a very good show and should get awards for truth telling. Telling the truth is such a lost way to behave, I am afraid we may never get it back. In the end, Bush blamed the war on bad intelligence coming from more than one source.

11. On March 18th, 2003 Bush kicks off his war. A war we started even though we had no justifiable reason. It was a first for this kind of war in the United States of America. I would say the American people have had enough. We do not like this kind of war, we won it a long time ago. Let me say that again, we WON the war a long time ago. There are no WMD, and Saddam is never going to rule again. In fact I think as soon as we leave, his head will roll. They, the Iraqis, do not need a trial to tell them Saddam is guilty of crimes against humanity. Now we are fighting a battle, that is it, nothing more than an on going battle for the hearts and minds of the people of Iraq. Let me tell you something Bush, when you, using your words, not mine, "freed the Iraqi people from a ruthless dictator", you also gave them the right to dislike anyone, and the right to voice there anger at the Americans. I am sure you want to take that freedom away from them again, but I do believe you will have a very hard time if you try that. Besides, weren’t you ever taught as a kid that you can not make someone like you? Bush tried to get the United Nations to draft a new set of requirements and inspections. Saddam agrees to the new rules, that tossed us off balance and we lost on the uptake.

12. Other facts we now know about the second war in Iraq. Lets not kid anyone, we are in two wars, the war on terror, and the war in Iraq. We have known all along that Bush has a hatred of Saddam Hussein because he believes Saddam tried to have his father killed. Bush has spoke about it often, and does not mind letting people know what he really thinks. We have heard him say over and over, "the world is a better place without Saddam Hussein in it." "The world is a safer place without Saddam Hussein in it." Notice Bush keeps speaking of Saddam in the past tents, as if he were already dead. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that is exactly what Bush wants. During his time as Governor of Texas he never commuted a prisoner sentence of death. In fact in his time he let three people die who wanted to get DNA tests that were not available during their trials. He let all three die without ever giving them the chance to have their DNA compared to the blood evidence left at the crime scenes. To me that is cruel and unusual punishment, especially considering all three of the people had claimed their innocence since day one. Bush was the first Governor in the United States to let a woman be executed since the death penalty was reintroduced in many states. In simple he did not care about any of these people. He has shown a complete indifference to life, especially those who are poor and beneath him. It is simple to say Bush never met an execution he did not like. In a short paragraph of an article about a former friend, who worked for him shows my point.

In 1994, Mr. Bowen was a senior member of Mr. Bush's campaign team in his successful run for governor of Texas. After Mr. Bush took office, Mr. Bowen served as assistant general counsel in the governor's office and then deputy general counsel under Alberto Gonzales, now U.S. attorney general. Mr. Bowen crafted some of Gov. Bush's most controversial legal decisions, such as ousting a Democratic judge and dismissing widespread questions about the guilt of a death-row inmate.

It should be pointed out the currant Bush in the White House is third generation oil millionaires. Bush attended the ivy league College, Yale, I think. He is real blue blood, and loves every minute of it. He cheated on tests in his early years, so it shows you his back ground and what kind of ethics he has. He never played a sport, but he was on the field, as a cheerleader. Very good at it from what I understand. I know he is a very good cheerleader now for all of his corrupt policies, uncaring elitist attitude, and no moral back bone at all. As Norman Mailer says, he has no moral Ethos. Bush has lost his way, he has never been a good leader, he has no direction, except down. Sorry, I did want to keep this short.

13. As we are all informed now, the Bush Administration put on an offence to rally the American people to go to war in Iraq. Every member of the Administration hit the talk show circuits every morning, nightly, and on Sundays, telling us over and over that Iraq had a nuclear program starting back up. Bush, in the 2002 State of the Union speech said that England knew Iraq was seeking uranium from Africa. At the time he absolutely knew this statement was wrong. If you look at his face he has the weirdest tiny little smirk on his face, like I got you now. Every American should read the Downing Street Memos. The validly of the fifteen sheets of the memos has never been denied. The English admit the memos are real and true. They clearly show Bush wanted a war with Iraq to get rid of Saddam no matter what he had to do to get it. They say, the intelligence is being fixed around the policy. In other words they were looking for any reason to go to war. It shows that right after the 9-11 attacks, Bush formed what was called the White House Iraqis Group, WHIG for short. It was this group of mens responsibility to put on a media campaign to convince the America people that Iraq was a immediate threat to the United States so we would get in line for the war. I kid you not, the Downing Street memos talk in the same type of way I am writing. When I read all this and put two and two together, I was pissed. In my humble opinion, Bush has committed no higher crime than this, because to the date of this letter, 2,343 American soldiers have been killed so Bush could have revenge on Saddam.

14. I now knew what Bush’s motivations for starting the Iraqis war was. It would not be long for me to find out the motivations of the most verbal supporter of this war, Cheney! No one, and I mean no one spoke out more to push this war on the American public. He lied over and over, saying Iraq was making nuke’s, chemical & Bio weapons programs on moving vehicles. He reported Iraq was tied to 9-11 by an Iraqis intelligence agent. He also said on the many talk shows Saddam was supporting Al-Qaeda financially. Everything Cheney said would be proven to be a lie. No one during this whole time spoke out more than Cheney did. I wondered, why would Cheney lie. We knew Bush hated Saddam, but at the time I thought Bush would have more common sense than to start a war over his understandable anger of Saddam. No, Cheney was the wild card. It took many months for me to discover the whole story on Cheney. As it turns out, through my long investigations online, Cheney was the Secretary of Defense from March, 1989 to January, 1993. Serving under the first President Bush. As a side note, I do not mind showing respect to the first President Bush, but I will not show respect to a murder, torturer, and money grabbing thief like the currant Bush. Same goes for Cheney. In my investigation into why Cheney may lie, I discovered while he was Secretary of Defense he identified several areas where he thought the military could save a lot of money by out sourcing a lot of work the old quarter master of the Army would do, still did then. The quarter master is the supply chain of the Army. From gasoline, to socks for the feet of soldiers. At that time he contacted a company the Bush family knew well. Everyone in the Bush family had either worked with this company, or owned stock in it. The same goes for Cheney, the company, called Halliburton. Cheney helped Halliburton set up a privet supply chain for the Army. They all agreed Halliburton could do things cheaper, and at lower costs across the board. I thought this was weird, who was Halliburton. As it turns out Halliburton was a major delivery company for big oil company parts. As with a lot of oil companies they were headquartered in Texas. No wonder the Bush’s were involved with the company. They had fell on hard times, as many U.S. oil fields were shutting down, and oil companies going out of business. Cheney helps this privet company he has personal ties to, and helps them get back on their feet financially. Then what happens, the first gulf war. Suddenly Halliburton is the largest mover for the military, their supplies, and their equipment. When it is forecast Saddam will set the Kuwaiti oil fields on fire, halliburton buys a company who is famous for putting out oil field fires. The company is called KBR for short. So then halliburton/KBR make hundreds of millions of dollars as a result of the war. In 1993 when Cheney leaves the defense department because Bush was beaten by Clinton, guess where he goes to work? That is right, he went right into the top slot as President & CEO of Halliburton. You know what this is such a complex story, I do not want to put off the readers. It stops here. It is this simple, as vice president Cheney has had all along huge financial ties to Halliburton/KBR. Who went from a million dollar a year company before the Iraq war, and in a year and a half, went to a multi Billion dollar a year company. Cheney has lied all along about having financial ties to his old company. He said in the 2004 elections he had sold all of his stocks, and assets in Halliburton. This is not true, he stands to be a very very rich man after he is out of office.

15. When you add in what we know now of how Halliburton operates in Iraq, we know the system is fixed so they make all the profit. They have gotten over ten Billion dollars in no bid contracts. This is totally against the smart way the defense department use to operate. In fact it was against all their established rules. We have heard just a week ago, that a Billion dollar discrepance, disputed charges the Army says they were billed this Billion dollars for services they never got. A week ago, the defense department decides to pay this bill without finding out about the disputes. The Army just up and paid halliburton. Now you can not tell me that order did not come from the top, as in Bush. I also want to point out that Halliburton is the fourth largest supplier to the United States military. When you look at the pentagons yearly budget, not including the war in Iraq, some Eighty Five Billion Dollars, we can see Halliburton, Cheney, and Bush is talking the American people to the bank. The war in Iraq is expected to cost us One Trillion Dollars. I am not sure people realize just how much money that is, we could take an eight of the population in the United States and make millionaires out of them. There is no doubt we could end homelessness, see to it every single person in the United States could have a fully funded four years of college. We could rebuild New Orleans, in Full, One Thousand times over. When you realize how much money the American people are throwing out the window, all because George Bush thinks he can build a democracy in the middle east. When all along all he wanted to do is kill Saddam, and make Halliburton rich.

16. Just some information I uncovered in my investigations online. It should help put some of the reasons why all this illegal, immoral, and disgusting behavior goes on, behind all of our backs. Remember, Bush is counting on all this being so complex, and hard to understand, he can keep the American people stupid until he is out of office. There is no telling how much more damage he will do to this country before he is out of office. Cheney graduated from Yale, just like President Bush 1, and his criminal son now in office. They all belonged to the skull and bones society. A super secret organization, with only the super wealthy, and very powerful people get in. All anyone seems to know is, when they are recognized as new members, they meet in a super secret room on the Yale campus and drink some non-alcoholic beverage from a real human skull. Now you may think I am making this up, if you do not believe, check it out online. Bush has admitted to being a member in a book he helped write, but said he could not say anymore. This has been talked about on the history channel TV show. I guess we now know why everything this Administration does is a secret, classified, and the general public is to stupid to understand. Both Cheney and Bush graduated with Business degrees. That makes sense to me now, no wonder he keeps giving big business tax breaks they do not need. He promotes what has been called the culture of corruption. It is a real thing and invades most of capital hill. Just look at the Abermoff arrest, and the following scandals that were suppose to come out of the trial. However, Bush did not want any of the Republicans being shown as the criminals they are, so what did Bush do to keep it out of the public view until after the 2006 elections? He very unethically choose to nominate the one and only top investigating deputy attorney general to a federal Judgeship. By doing this he has put the trials, and investigations back at least one year if not more. It will take that long for the new attorney to get up to speed on the investigation. Bush claims he was going to nominate this attorney for the Judgeship all along. However, I find his timing to be self serving, and very unethical. I am not saying the man should not become a judge, just that it should have waited until he had completed his investigations. You would think you would be hearing this all over the TV it is so unethical, but no. that is Bush’s secret weapon, he almost owns every major news network in the country. As I have said many many times, I can only get non-partisan real news on PBS news hour, PBS frontline, or c-span.

17. Ok, sorry, going back a little. Back when Bush, Cheney, and all the Administration parrots were beating down the talk show circuit to push the American public into believing the lies they were feeding us, so they could go to war, for personal gains. If that is not treason, it dam well should be. In 2002, after the state of the union speech and the comment about Saddam buying uranium from Africa. Former Ambassador Joe Wilson, and his under deep cover CIA agent wife Valery Plame came back from Africa after being sent there by the CIA to find out if the statement already made by Bush was true. Mrs. Plame was a specialist at nuclear weapons grade uranium discovered that Bush’s statement was not true. She happily reported this to the CIA, and then the White House when the Bush Administration kept saying that Saddam was seeking uranium. She knew this was not true and did not want the united States going to war, over bad intelligence. At the time she did not know Bush/Cheney already knew it was not true, but they were putting it out there anyway. When the CIA couple were blown off so many times, they realized what was going on. To try and stop the mad rush to war, Mr. Wilson wrote an op-ed article in the New York Times. After that, as the normal case for this Administration, they went on the attack. Doing everything they could to destroy the Wilson’s credibility. Calling them fanatical partisan nuts, and other infamous things. Of course we know it was not working, so the top aids decide to release the true identity of Mrs. Plame’s job at the CIA. This was done in such a dangerous manner it is surprising no one has been killed over the release of this information. As far as we know one or more people could have already been killed. Think about it, every person Mrs. Plame had contact with when she was over sea’s and pretending to just be an Ambassador’s wife. Every person she had contact with is now suspected of being a double agent. They really do still kill people for these things, Especially over sea’s. As we all know now, Mr. Libby has been indicted on charges of lying to investigators about when and to whom he released the info to. If you keep up with the news, Mr. Libby has admitted in open court he "had permission from his superiors." In the plural sense of the word. Now I know he only has two superiors, Cheney, and Bush. I have also noticed the Administration back peddling on how fair, competent, and a very good attorney Pat Fitzgerald is. In every interview on the CIA investigation I saw, everyone said how great a choice Pat Fitzgerald was. Now they say he is a, "partisan nut", and lacks the authority to bring the charges he has. However, there has been no major media source that has pointed this out. The right wing media, which is all not supported by public funds are not reporting this switch because it is one more thing that makes this president, and all his cronies look two faced. As they most defiantly are.

18. Look at who george bush placed in charge of the Dept. of Homeland Security, Mike Chertoff. Another unqualified political hack who has screwed up everything he has touched. Look at his response to Katrina and Rita. Not to mention how screwed up the Governments response is to this day. They are making the largest national disaster in our history worse by the horrible leadership he shows. Do not forget Mike Brown, who worked under Chertoff. Brown was made the whipping boy for Congress, and then forced to resign. People need to take another look at how Brown responded, and just how much the Bush White House, and Bush himself, lied about being ready and bringing in every asset the Federal Government had to offer. Look at the recently re-released video tape of Bush on the conference call to leaders in the State of Louisiana, he plain lied. I do not understand people in the media being afraid to call a spade a spade, he lied, and that is what you call it.

19. I want people to understand there is a lack of business ethics that pervades all big business, and Government. The Enron scandal, under Bush’s watch. The Abermoff scandal on Capital Hill, under Bush’s watch. The big oil companies gasoline refiners shutting down operations to lower the supply of gasoline, and raise the price of gasoline so they would have a higher profit margin. It worked, the oil companies had the highest profit margins in their histories. It was not ethical, but they did not care, why? Because Bush supports such activity. Case in point, Bush decided to give these very same oil companies a One Hundred Million dollar tax credit, in the face of their highest profits in history, so they would put money into research in alterative fuels. I thought the way it was suppose to work is they put their own research money in, and later make the profit on their inventions. There is nothing to question, Bush cares about profits, and not people. I guess that is what we get when we elect a rich snob elitist man to the highest office in the land. We are getting what we deserve. You know all Bush would have had to do is go on TV and let big business know he would not stand for all the bad ethics, no not him, Bush supports bad ethics, if by nothing more than making it hard for the attorney generals to go after fraud and corruption, and not coming out against this bad behavior.

20. I know one thing it took me a while to figure out. I know Bush says he is a good Christian man, a conservative who goes to church, (which we know he does not do) and be against all the sex that is on TV these days. I would support him if that were true. The thing that bugged me was ever since the reality shows started coming out, I thought the Fox network showed the most sex in prime time, when kids were watching and I did not like that. However, I have noticed every major news network, Fox, Msnbc, and CNN has by far the majority of their anchorman promoting Bush in everything they do and say. If they ever have a democrats views represented, the person representing the democrats is a weak voiced person the anchormen slaughters on TV. The worse by far is the Fox network, especially a guy named hannity or something like that. He is a loud mouthed punk, who would get his lights knocked out if he ever got around me and started spouting off about his God Bush. I thought it was so weird the Bush administration would pick Fox to give all of their exclusives to. I use to call the Fox network Satan’s channel, because they showed so much sex, violence, and bad language. Then I figured it out, profit, profit was the reason Fox was so pro Bush, and would not represent the democrats views fairly. The reason Fox has all the sex and violence is because it makes profits. The reason Fox is so partisan is because Bush is is for nothing more than profit. He supports big business and does not care about ethics. Then I wondered about all the other anchormen, it hit me, they all make a million dollars a year or more. Of course they would be pro Bush, he has supported giving all his tax breaks to the rich, no wonder they all support him. Thank God for PBS, and c-span.

21. You know talking about Bush’s bad ethics, and how much he supports profits over everything else, we must think about his recent screw ups. The port deal, he did not know about it, and no one else did is because he has already ordered everyone to place profits over everything. It did not surprise me to hear Chertoff talking about world trade, and that America has to be engaged in the world markets. To anyone, and I mean anyone, if you have payed any attention to Bush at all, you can see he is very pro rich people, and supporting everything to do with profits. It is like he can not get his head around anything else. I noticed just today, he is making a deal with India to let them have more nuclear material and knowledge. Why does he do this, because it will make someone a few hundred million dollars. I mean just one person making that kind of money, no telling how many will get rich. It just does not cross his little mind that India has already cheated with nuclear reactors and making an atomic bomb. He does not think they may do it again and make even more powerful weapons. Just like he can not see how letting the Arabs control our ports may be a danger to all Americans. He has his own personal friends with these Arab Kingships in the middle east because his family is third generation oil millionaires. He can not imagine his good friends attacking the United States. Once again putting his own interests first, and not the American people. He just has no idea what it is like to be middle class, not to mention how horrible it must be to be poor, and have his bad policies attack these poor people. You know our best Presidents started out life as poor people. Not like him raised with a silver spoon in his fat mouth.

22. One thing I have figured out, he has given tax breaks to the richest people in the world. Then turned around and took a surplus of Government funds, does he realize how long and hard people had to work to get the deficit paid off, and then put back a surplus, and ran this country into the highest debt it has ever seen. Bush and the Republicans have run up the deficit faster, and to the highest levels our country has ever seen, in record time. He has out spent every past President and Congress combined. He does not care about jobs going over sea’s, he just does not care because a few people are getting really rich. He has cut school lunch programs while giving tax breaks to the richest people in the country. He and his party are cutting college loans, while giving these unrealistic tax breaks. He must think if you can not afford college, you do not deserve to go. Bush believes in a two class system, not three. He thinks there should be the very rich, and the poor, he does not believe in a middle class. If he did, he would not be trying his best to kill off the middle class. I just have a hard time getting my head around him out spending every past President combined, it is shocking!

23. The next thing goes right in the same lines as the super rich, and the poor, and nothing more. Bush has ignored the southern border with Mexico. He has let so many illegal immigrants into our country, they are bankrupting all State Governments. It is estimated there are 14 million Mexicans floating around our country someplace, running neighborhoods into the ground. The States have no choice but to educate their kids, and it is not just a normal education. They all must have extra schooling in the English language because they speak nothing but Mexican. This angers most middle class Americans because it is our taxes being dumped into the programs for them. I will not even talk about all the extra jail space, prison space, and by far the largest bill the middle class flips, their medical bills. Yes, that is right, we have no choice but to pay their medical expenses. They work for next to nothing, flooding the labor market with unskilled labor making it harder for a poor family trying to work their way out of poverty. Does Bush care about this, hell yes. Surprising so, why do you think he will not enforce our border laws, he has had his rich friends into the White House and they have told him they need all this cheap labor for them to get richer. The people Bush represents are the companies who will have nothing to do with paying decent livable wages, and things like medical insurance. Bush did what they wanted, he is letting the Flood of Mexicans take over places like my home town. A very small little town in Indiana, no where close to the southern border. Bush is as bad as the people smugglers who exploit these people. That is what his rich friends want them here for, they are easy to exploit, and take advantage of.

24. This is nuts, we need a person in the White House who will represent the American people, not the few super rich elitists. Bush makes me sick, and so does the rich news agencies who care for nothing except their bottom line. As an example, this guy Scarborough works for MSNBC as a news anchorman, and make more than a million a year. He forgets to say he was one of those Republican Congressmen who worked with cunningham. Just remember that when you see any of his shows, and listen to his partisan comments. SCARBOROUGH: Before resigning in shame, Congressman Randy Duke Cunningham seemed to be laughing all the way to the yacht club.

Today, new details on just how deep the "Dukester" had his hand in the cookie jar. Look at some of the payoffs he took for steering defense contracts to his local cronies, a $200,000 condo in Arlington, $140,000 for the yacht, Sir Duke, $35,000 for antiques, $13,000 towards the purchase of a Rolls Royce, then over $2,000 for his daughter's graduation party. And the list goes on and on.

You know, Duke Cunningham got caught, but the question many Americans are asking tonight is, how deep is the congressional cesspool? Six members are currently under investigation for possible crimes and ethics violations. And some reports say the number could go as high as 60. What in the heck is going on in the nation's capital?

Notice he does not mention cunningham and all six Congressman he writes about are Republicans. He does not mention the contractors who paid him off are defense contractors who are making so much money it is crazy. An airplane that costs 200 million dollars, yep, and we are ordering 150 of them. That does not include all the money they will make on spare parts. My God was President Eisenhower right, "we need to beware of the military industrial complex", that was his words all those years ago. He was not born rich, he was born poor, and made something of his life. All these scumbag congressmen need to be fired right along with Bush and his whole administration. I mean you see him for what he is, or you are not looking, and you do not care. They show their indifference to the poor classes when something like the torture photos come out. It is not the story Bush supported torture, and so did the Generals. The story, and reality is the only ones prosecuted are the foot solders who were just doing their job asx they thought they should. I am telling you, PBS is the only news agency who will cover the real story and not throw in partisan comments. All the other news agencies leave out embarrassing facts of the Republicans who are in total power. I hate to admit I was a republican until this President and this Congress came along. I still hold some conservative views, but I do not want to force everyone else in the country to go along with my views, that is what the currant republican party is trying to do. I mean how can you have a good debate if every one talking is a republican and supports this administration. I would be happy if they just stayed to the facts. There is another MSNBC show called hardball where this guy has a debate with what he calls the hardball hotshots, and as much as he would like to think all views are covered, everyone of the hotshots are republican and support Bush. The anchorman of the show loves John McCain a Senator of my State who I use to think was fair. Not anymore, McCain has supported this president and his administration way to much. I can not stand the man anymore. The one thing besides McCain constantly supporting bush is, he is an out right WAR monger. He looks at the Vietnam war as a loss to this country, and he there fore want to kick the hell out of any other country he can to what, I do not know. I know he suffered greatly for this country, but to hand over war powers to this man would be the greatest mistake since bush. Hell, even when McCain came out against torture and got his bill past. Bush threatened to Veto the new law because he believes in torture. Instead of Vetoing the bill, Bush decided to just write a comment in the margin of the paper. Bush wrote the law did not apply to the CIA working outside the country. Is that what these republicans who support Bush and parrot everything he says believe in? If so, why are they afraid to come out and say it? Is that what America has turned into?

25. Another thing I have noted about this administration is how they attack anyone who does not support the administrations views. I mean they want blood and will say anything to discredit them. When something bad comes to the light of day about Bush, one of the secrets this administration is obsessed with, they have the Bush mouth team come out on all the talk shows to put forward their views. It is an all out media campaign just like they did before the Iraq war. This administration has used up their, "just trust us". That is all they seem to say in front of congress as well, trust me, trust us, we know more than you which is saying we are smarter than you. Just yesterday I heard Chertoff testifying to Congress saying, "the American people just don’t understand", talking about the port sale. When they do not want to answer a question in front of Congress they say they are not sure of the answer and will get back with the congressman, so we never hear the answer. After they have used that one up, they go to the back up, it is classified and they can not say. This administration is the most secret in history. Yes, secrets need to be kept to protect people, like Mrs. Plame and everyone she has ever spoken to over sea’s, but it is a dam public office they hold and there needs to be openness because it is our money, it is our country. It makes me sick to think of how the people of the middle east now hate us because of Bush. This world is a lot more dangerous now than it was before. Talking about the administrations parrots, I have never seen in my life time an attorney general who spends all of his time defending the administration because they have broken the law. All he is suppose to do is enforce the law, not be a mouth piece for the talk show circuit.

Spending his time testifying about wiretaps without a warrant, which the Constitution prohibits, not to mention the FISA laws, and endorsing the torture of prisoners and holding them without access to the due process of law which is another thing the Constitution prohibits.

26. If I ever understood the basic values of being a conservative it was they support less Government, less taxes, enforcing currant laws instead of constantly passing new ones, and less Government involvement in peoples lives. This is what they say, Bush’s base is, I do not understand. Under this Administration the Government has grown more, and faster than any single past President in history. Since he has been in office the Government has grown by a whole 39%, that is huge. While it is true Bush has cut taxes, it needs to be pointed out he has out spent all past Presidents combined, how does that square with being a conservative? It needs to be pointed out the republican held Congress has lead to more laws being enacted in a shorter time than any other time in our history. President bush has, and is setting all kinds of new records, all bad ones. I mean what is wrong with this guy and his cronies at the top? Did you know Bush is pushing for all these new laws to be made permanent? I do not understand how you can say you are a conservative and support this Administration. Most conservatives support the troops and defend them when they come home from war. I think every person who has served is a HERO, not just those who served in war time. However this President, and the Republican held Congress has cut money to the veterans hospitals, again, cut student loans to those who have served, he did not send in enough troops into Iraq to get the job done quickly, and now it is to late. Remember the four star general bush fired, the first one who said we needed 500,000 men to invade. They say troop levels will be determined by the commanders on the ground, but that is not true. The commanding generals know what they did to the first general who asked for to many troops. I mean everything Bush says, he turns around and does the opposite of. Then he lies, lies, lies he lies so much he thinks if he says it enough, it will come true, and no longer be lies anymore.

27. Take the Harriet Miers nomination to the Supreme Court. Bush wanted to put someone on the court who would be loyal to him, not to the laws, and Constitution of the United States. It just shows how he cares more about himself, than the American people.

28. Take the horrible medicare drug plan that is screwing up the poor and needy. He would have been better off to not have touched it at all. I mean letting the drug companies talk you into saying in the law that the Government could not bargain for lower drug prices. Again, just showing more and more how much he only cares for the rich. I have news for you bush, rich people do not need to bargain for lower drug prices, they already have great insurance that does that for them. It is us poor people who need help paying for medications, but you want us to pay full price. Thanks, for nothing, because that is exactly what you delivered.

29. Take the two million jobs the Republicans keep screaming they created. I hate to tell you, but the jobs do not even pay minimum wage. Why, because you all have not raised the minimum wage in eight years, so the minimum wage back then, is not what it is today. So you in effect, lowered it. I heard a Republican Congresswoman the other day on c-span yelling how we all have something to celebrate because the economy is in such great shape. I almost fell out of my chair. I will leave this up to the American public. Do you all feel the country’s economy is in great shape? Are you all better off than you were five years ago? Do you relish the country’s debt being the highest in history, and going higher everyday? Do you think it is a good thing that China is buying all of our debt? Do you all think the huge trade imbalance with other nations is a good thing?

30. Oh, I forgot to mention the good old boy Tom Delay. The EX-Republican leader in Congress. Why is it we are not hearing anything about the charges against this guy. He was charged with money laundering right? Where I come from that is a very very serous felony. He, and about 15-20 top republicans are either being investigated, or soon will be if Jack Abramoff cooperates with prosecutors, as he is required to do in his plea agreement. Maybe corruption is so common in the Bush party, it means nothing to them. As for the President of the United States, he has done his best to interfere with the investigation, and prosecution in a strange way. It may sound like a joke, I assure you it is no laughing matter. Bush promoted Noel L. Hillman, the lead prosecutor in the case, to a federal Judgeship. To hear Bush say it, this promotion was routine and just happened to come along at the same time as the Jack Abramoff trials, and plea agreement where he will name the other Senators and Congressman. This will start a whole new investigation, but Hillman was best suited for this job because he had been investigating Abramoff for two prior years and is the most familiar with the entire case. All of these cases are all tied together in one way or another. The promotion has significantly slowed down the case. It will take quite sometime for the new prosecutors to get up to speed on the case. I think anyone who believes this promotion was routine is out of their minds. It is clearly a misuse of power, a way to interfere with the investigation and the prosecution, to slow things down and give the dirty republicans time to run for congress. Bush’s arrogance is going to new heights, and there are many signs he is out of control, and totally incompetent.

31. One thing the Bush parrots keep saying over and over is, the Iraqis people are better off because we invaded. Ok, I will accept that as true. As long as they admit, the American people are not better off because we invaded. Shouldn’t we only invade a country when it is in our best interests?

32. Anytime this Administration, or it’s parrots are in trouble on the issues, they instantly attack Clinton and liberals. Why, why do they do this? I can only say it is one of two reasons, one they do not know what year it is and who is President, or, number two, they have no good reasons to defend their party’s leader. Bush, the money worshiping, no good for nothing war monger who is once again asking Congress to raise the debt ceiling so he can push this country into further debt.

33. I just thought of this, I am not sure if I have already mentioned it or not. I do not think I did. One thing Bush has been doing that scares me is making personal appearances at a number of locations and giving speeches. All of the appearances have been in front of a friendly crowd. Mostly on military bases, or locations were the audience is going to be mostly military. I do not mind this, in fact I think it is a great thing to do, let the boys know they have not been forgotten. However, when bush starts making statements like this, "we will never give in", and "we will accept nothing but complete victory" I get worried about the plan in Iraq. In one, and only one, of these whistle stop speeches he allowed pre-screened questions. One of the questions was, "what is our goal in Iraq, what do you hope to accomplish"? His answer,"VICTORY", so in one word he stated his goals, and what he hoped to accomplish. The sad part is he would not bother to say what victory is. Why won’t he say what victory means to him? Why does he keep changing the events by which we could judge weather we can leave? It is to late now to poor in a few hundred thousand more troops into Iraq, which by the way is what John McCain wants to do. America is already stretched to thin, we are tired of this war, thank God thousands of troops are not dying each day. I personally think one trooper stubbing his toe is to much to injury to allow this to go on. If the Iraqis go to a civil war, then it is their civil war, and we hold no stake in the engagement and should stay out of it. There is absolutely no way to help one segment of the population without offending another. Instead of a win win situation, it is a lose lose proposition. Bush is trying his best to run a war by the numbers, just like the Vietnam war was run. We would shoot down 10 of their air planes, to one of ours. We would kill 250 of the enemy for every one America killed. Running a war by numbers just does not work, period!!

34. I heard bush on TV this past week (03-06-06) talking about the port deal with Dubia, he said the correct security checks had been done, and we could trust, "His Government." I thought, when the hell did it become "his Government"? Did I miss something this week? But the striking thing to me is, after the deal dead on 03-09-06 I saw all kinds of republicans on TV saying this person, this committee, the work load, and just about every excuse except, "my dog ate my homework". I mean come on, when is this tiny willed president going to take responsibility for the things, "His Government" (administration) does? Is he such a poor excuse of a man he needs every member of Congress to take up for him and say its ok for being incompetent, Mr. President? Is nothing ever, EVER, EVER, his fault? I mean he is like a spoiled little boy, if I do not get my way, I am going to veto your law!, and stick his tongue out at the cameras.

35. I do not think I mentioned the on going debate of global warming. Bush, and his Administration have said all along it is no problem. Even in the face of rising evidence that we (humans) are negatively affecting our environment. I will let others say it better than me. The following is an excerpt from a national publication; the Observer International on climate change.

"Last week the Bush administration came under heavy fire from a large body of respected scientists who claimed that it cherry-picked science to suit its policy agenda and suppressed studies that it did not like. Jeremy Symons, a former whistleblower at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), said that suppression of the report for four months was a further example of the White House trying to bury the threat of climate change."

I think it says it all, I need say nothing further on this subject.

You know, I could have saved myself a hell of a lot of typing. I could have just listed the good things Bush, and his new Bush party, which are 85% of all republican congress people. We need to act, doing nothing because you are fed up is not good enough anymore, please act, one way or another, just act. That is if you want to save this country, or maybe you think we deserve what we got. Did I forgot to mention Cheney shooting a man in the face? The last point I will lay out is this is the first time in my history where the Attorney General is constantly going around to different committees and testifying to defend this Administration in possible criminal acts. I have never seen the guy go on so many TV shows to get out his clients views. He should have never been confirmed as attorney general because he can not get out of the White House counsel roll. I am so sorry, I wanted to keep everything short and to the point. I failed in doing that, but I hope you can see why. I do hope you print this out and read it all.

It scares me to death to know what we now know about the entire Bush Administration. What keeps me awake at night, and my stomach rolling is, what don’t we know about this Administration. Anyone who blames the Congress for all this crap is so wrong. Bush has done everything he could to leave Congress in the dust. Every Republican in Congress needs to go bye bye. I have a little more sympathy for the Democrats because they have been totally over whelmed by several factors. The complications of all of bush’s crimes, and republican control of both houses of congress. They should have known better, all of them, and if the democrats do not stand up and investigate this president, they all need to be fired, and a new republican President elected. You must stand for something or you will fall for anything. They do not have to sound radical, or a far left wing nut, but they must lay out basically what I have. There are so many reasons to investigate this guy and all of his cronies it is over whelming. No problem in finding a reason. The bush administration has screwed up every single major issue that has come along. And like Bill Clinton wreaked the democratic party by lying, this president is going to blow apart the republican party. He has hijacked the party and turned it into his own. This president has not taken responsibility for any action he has done, the 5 words will not come to his mouth because of his arrogance. Oh, the words, I know I was wrong. If anyone wants to dispute these charges, by all means, email me. If you happen to agree with the common sense of these charges, Please, email me. Maybe together we can figure out a way of getting this guy, and his money loving parrots out of office a little early.


Darroll McKinney

425 E. McKellips Rd. #37

Mesa, Arizona 85203-2542

[email protected]

PS: I am begging you all to Please forward this on to all your family, friends, and co-workers. It does not matter if you disagree, if you have been brave enough to read this to this point, I Thank You, and would love to hear why you disagree.


Friday, September 29, 2006

My Dear Fellow Americans,

As I have done so many times in the past, I come to you asking you, that’s right YOU, to copy this letter, add to the letter, fashion your own letter with this one in mind, and send it to your Democratic candidates for Congress. We, the American people are in several wars. We have a war on terror, the war in Iraq, the war on the middle class, and the war on honest Government!

As we all know, if the middle class is doing bad, the poor are being slaughtered by republicans. We can no longer afford to drive to work. We can no longer afford to heat or cool our homes. We can not afford health insurance, even working two jobs, both of witch we have to walk to because we can not afford the insurance or the gas that goes in the car. Our homes are double mortgaged, and we could not file for bankruptcy if we wanted to thanks to the republicans, and several Democrats. If we have a medical emergency, we end up at the ER, to the dismay of the hospital staff, who are over worked, under paid, and keep telling us the ER is not the place to get your medicine for blood pressure, and diabetes. We agree, but they do not understand we can not afford the medications needed. We, my family and I predicted the fall of gas prices before this election. We are not saying bush did it. The oil companies did it, they would do anything to keep their energy policy in place, you know the one where they pay no taxes on their huge profits. The list goes on and on, and yes, we must make decisions on how much meat we can afford to feed the kids, versus clothes they are constantly growing out of. I know and understand a lot of middle class families have it bad, but for the poor, it is much Much Worse!

We strongly feel ALL this can be directly traced back to the bush/cheney administration. Their everything for the rich policies and cutting off the needy has made life a literal hell! To all you so called “Christians” who think bush/cheney administration is moral, I can only say you must base this opinion on either what the preacher on TV or at church tells you to think; or you have based your opinion on pure faith. In other words, you have your mind made up going in, and the Facts about the Four men who truly run this country does not matter at all. You think this is all about conservatives and Liberals. The pre-judgement being Liberals are not moral or Godly. I can only say this is simply stupid and not true.

I know the word Liberal sounds weak, I grew up thinking so, until five months ago. I went and looked up the word “Liberal”, because this is the brand bush/cheney, and Fox news want to label Democrats. All it means is someone who is open to new ideas and are willing to try different suggestions and solutions. Just for fun I looked up the word “conservative”, and if the bush/cheney administration is considered conservative, no one in the republican party knows the definition of the word.

This made me feel better, because I wandered what happened to the republican party I knew and loved. People who are Number One, Honest, bush/cheny, sorry Nope! People who are not going to be swayed by lobbyists, bush/cheney and their party, sorry Nope! People who would lower taxes, but not so unfairly and during a time of WAR! People who shrink the Government, bush/cheney and their congress, the government has grown by 43% since 2001. Thee highest amount in history say one, the Roosevelt Administration during the depression when the Government put an awful lot of people to work. People who would have a balanced budgets and not have deficit spending, the bush/cheney team, they have managed to spend more money, in less time than ALL past 43 presidents combined. All the money being borrowed from other countries, like our biggest lender, China, Japan, oil rich middle eastern countries, yes even Iraq, Iran, and Venezuela. Guess which country is number ten on that list, by the way the above mentioned are all above ten, number ten is Mexico.

It has only been a little over a year since I changed my political parties. Do not get me wrong, I did not vote for bush/cheney. In fact my 2000 vote was thee first time I have voted for a Democrat in all my 30+ years of voting. In 2004, to my discredit I did not vote because I did not like either candidate. Many have asked what happened to make me change my party. It is simple, nothing happened, I mean, Nothing. This do nothing, ask nothing, one party Congress we have had now for over 12 years. In the 90's we had President Clinton who balanced the Government and made our Government work better. It made President Clinton, and his staff be much better at their jobs because they had a republican congress that was always out to get them. That was sad, Sad, sickening, and nothing more than character assignation by total ABUSE of power. Little did I know, I had seen nothing yet. It is politics at it’s very worse. I see no hope for OUR country if this Government is not balanced out by the public in November.

One thing everyone has to remember, including the Democrats, they, We are not running for commander-in-chief, the presidency. It is not up to every candidate to have the solution of the Iraq mess bush & Cheney got us into. We are running for the control of Congress. Face it America, face it Democrats, because it reflects you as well, but it is not your fault, totally; our Congress is totally Broken. We have a republican lead everything who would rather go out to dinner, go on golfing vacations, ride in corporate jets as opposed to regular air carriers, all on the back of lobbyists. Who suffers when Congress is broken, WE ALL Do! We have a republican lead congress who thinks, acts, and mostly fails to act because to them it is much, Much, MUCH more important to be a good republican than an honest hard working congress.

I am no constitutional scholar, but I am sure it says the Congress is suppose to be a check on presidential power. To hold hearings, to have oversight, to pass laws and make sure the laws are being carried out, and enforced. Oversight is not just a constitutionally mandated duty, it does not have to be a punishment, it is suppose to be a check on the executive branch, to learn what is working and what is not. When they find the laws are not being enforced, or laws are being enforced wrongly, or when laws are being out right broken, their job is to hold the president and his administration accountable. This is the part of congress that is broken, and the republicans have refused to do ANY of their constitutionally mandated duties. This is why I have changed parties, and have sworn to never go back to the republicans. They have shown all they care about is power. They will say and do Anything, ANYTHING to hold on to that Power. As I said though, it is what they haven’t done, what they have refused to do, Refused at every turn, and every opportunity, and will continue to Refuse to do if they are able to lie well enough to hold on to power in at least one house in congress. They will not ask, or hold this president or anyone in his administration accountable. No one, absolutely NO ONE has been held accountable for anything in this administration. The only people who they have fired is the people who may have had the nerve to disagree with them, or refuse to lie along the rove party line. In fact, thee very worse in this administration, everyone from the people who were most responsible for 9-11, the failure to get bin-laden, to the huge mess we now have in Iraq have been REWARDED, Not Fired, or forced to resign.

The evidence that has brought everything into view for me is how halliburton/KBR, and other contractors have been able to lie, cheat, steal, rob us tax payers of more than 100 Billion dollars, even lost more than 10 billion dollars, money no one can account for, and absolutely no one, except Democrats, in congress has held any hearings or asked any questions about. This is the huge, dirty, secrets this administration, and their congress is hiding from the American people. Hell, I did not even know rumsfeld, and cheney were big Big time players in three earlier administrations. The worse is Nixon’s, then Ford’s, then Bush number one. Why didn’t the Democrats bring out the fact they were in the Nixon administration? However, the big story is cheney is still making money from halliburton/KBR, and the Democrats are not talking about this. He has given several lies that have been smoked out with time. Every time he says, well, I am now getting ride of my investments. But can he really be trusted now, after being caught in lie after lie?

Do you really think if later in life there is one thing cheney, his wife, his kids or grand kids wanted that halliburton would not gladly give them? In 2002 halliburton/KBR made a yearly profit of 340 million dollars. In 2003 they made a profit of over 3 billion dollars. Three thousand times more than the year before! They are still making huge unbelievable profits, something this president and VP did not count on to start with but now that they see it, they are all for it and are keeping the needed hearings and court actions from happening. What other reason would bush/cheney/rumsfeld have to not go all out to win this war? Why are they blocking the justice department from investigating halliburton/KBR? In fact why are they helping halliburton/KBR to steal the money from us tax payers. They are obstructing the government from suing to get back their, NO Our money?

If you still call yourself a republican, and I can not imagine why you would, if you honestly care about FACTS, and do not make your political decisions based purely on faith, then you need to change parties. At the very least to try and inject some honesty, moral, and truly conservative values back into this party. The only, ONLY way they will get the message is to lose an election, and LOSE BIG TIME! I will tell you this, I will never vote for another republican, and I will work for free for the rest of my life for the Democratic party. This president, his vice president, and their congress has turned me onto politics, but totally against them and their immoral congress. At any point over the last six years they could have changed my mind, held this president, and his roughshod crew to account, especially over the last year and a half. After the real story on the WMD, all the lies, stealing going on by contractors, after the spending of Billions the horrible job they did responding to Katrina, warrant less searches, phone tapping, and my least favorite of this president, the torturing of prisoners, and secret prisons in known torturing countries. Instead of holding this president to account, and being the check on presidential power, this congress has not only NOT asked any questions, NOT held any hearings, this congress has just passed laws giving an overly power hungry president, MORE POWER. This congress has not only given this criminal president more power, they have done their upmost to shield him from Any Criminal or Civil liability.

They have made this country, My Country, The Country I Love and would die for, thee most hated nation in the world by the smaller countries. The very countries that we have blasted for human rights violations, for torturing their own people, and outsiders. The very reason all these countries looked up to us, wanted to be like us, or hated us because we were so fare, are now saying see, they are hypocrites. You know in world war two, all the prisoners of war were so impressed that we did not torture them, that we treated them well, and with respect, it made the wining of hearts and minds after their surrender that much easier. That applies to both Germany, and Japan. What do you think is going to happen now that we, NO, the republicans have endorsed torture in the minds of the broader middle east?

For all you rich people who love bush/cheney, and are doing your upmost to buy this election again. When is enough going to be enough? Just how much more are the rest of us going to have to suffer so you can go on having the best of everything? To all you criminal contractors in Iraq, you war profiteers who are making BILLIONS on the Blood, sweat, and misery of our young kids, the young men and women of this country. The misery and life long hatred of America by hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. When is it going to be enough? How much more blood do you need before you will release your death grip on this war and the bush/cheney administration. It is so obvious in everything they do, the bush/cheney regime has several corporate masters; to you when is enough going to be enough? If I can give my older man’s life to save one of those kids lives, where do I sign up? I will not let my kids sign up for a war this administration will not let us win, or lose, just keep pouring in the money. Do the right thing for you, your family, and America, balance the Government and make bush/cheney become a better president.

Mr. & Mrs. DW McKinney
Phoenix, Arizona
[email protected]
PS: If anyone who reads this wants the point by point play of this administrations screw ups, send me an email. I have documented most of the major screw ups all along this criminal path. I was a good police officer, and would like to think can still document the FACTS well. We need an all Democratic vote this November, for every seat that is open. Why, because we need to send a message to Washington, we the People of this country is the boss, not george bush & dick cheney. If you say bush/cheney are good Christians and you support them, I will only say to you, please help me to make them a better president by giving them a congress, in both houses, it must be both houses or it would not work, because if we only get the house or senate, we still can not pass anything, or hold any real oversight hearings. The other house would just hold up the Democratic side. So help us to make bush/cheney a better president by voting in a full Democratic Congress who will stand for Honesty and will do the job a Congress is suppose to do no matter who is president or what party they belong to. Say no more to republican first, and a senator or congress person second or third.
One more thing that just kills me is the constant drumbeat of the republicans saying the liberal media is to blame, when 95% of all news casts are so republican. No one needs to ask why President Clinton was upset over little boy wallace asking a sensitive question, because he works for Fox news. You walk like a duck, quack like a duck, swim and eat with ducks, you’re a duck! Besides, when President Clinton said, he did not do enough because he did not get him, what did wallace blurt out, “Right”! He was blaming President Clinton for not killing bin-laden, when he told the truth, he at least tried. One fact not being brought out, in almost four years of bush/cheney interviews, he, wallace has NEVER, Not Once, asked bush, cheney, rice, rove, gonzales, or steve hadley, who looks just like daddy, talks like him too, the question he asked President Clinton,, Not Once! I will say this AGAIN even though no one has asked. There is No doubt, No DOUBT whatsoever, that Senator Byron Dorgan could win the Presidency hands down. Everyone is ready for an American that is looking out for what is good for America, and Americans!One thing I will Admit, something I do not like about my New Party, the leadership of the Party. I am sorry, Nancy, Harry, both of you are as boring as one could get. I do not think either Nancy, or Harry have the moral character to resign now to help the party. I think they would rather take the chance we win despite them, and hold on to their power, than be honerable and resign now. Both of them are weak, and need to be replaced ASAP. Remember these republicans are not just out for blood, they are out to eradicate ALL Democrats. These two clowns are way way to weak to be in such an important position. I think the same thing now of Dr. Dean. These three supposed leaders are sitting back and saying nothing about halliburtons crimes, saying nothing about bush saying we are cut and runners, they all just lay there and take it. I would not be surprised if we win, we only have thee worse president and VP in history, and thee worse Congress in history. But where in the hell is the out rage? Someone who is not already a proven loser should become the new DNC, and againg I am sorry, strong men as leaders in the house and senate. Remember what the stakes are, only our lives, and future!
To all you Goofy ASS retired generals who work for TV news. You all can criticize President Clinton all you want. You can say we need to go forward in Iraq and win at any and all costs. Like the total ass hole john mccain says. I suppose it is your life that has gotten you this way. Not being able to think of anything unless it is killing and killing more and more people. This president screwed up, that president screwed up, all you guys want is more and more equipment, and the ability to kill every living thing on this earth a hundred thousand times over. I guess I should not blame you, it is your country that has made you think of everything in these terms. However, believe it or not, at times there maybe more important issues that would never be on your radar screen, like political survival. I think President Clinton made a huge moral and ethical mistake with several women, just as much their fault, but Clinton deserves the credit for screwing up. But my God, I have never seen anything like the past congress in my life, no wonder he could not think about every single thing on his plate. These fucking republicans want to eradicate all democrats, not work with them, not join hands and help the world get along. They want total power, and that is all they think about. Tax the masses and pay your friends the most money, NO, more money than they could have ever imagined making in their life times. This is bush and cheney’s line of thinking. I do HATE bush, cheney, rumsfeld, rove, rice gonzales, hell all of them. But it is not them that made me switch parties for life it is this worthless congress who has refused at every turn, every step, to do their Number One Job, Mandated by the Constitution, to be a check on the president, or executive branch. For the most part, they have allowed the congress to just become an arm of the executive branch, and all of them need to be fired. ALL DEMOCRATS ELECTED IN EVERY SINGLE SLOT IN THE NATION. Now that would send one hell of a message to bush, that the power of the government is in the hands of the people, not his thieving hands. My letters are so long because this ass hole has done so much wrong, lied so much, has broken the law so many times, and I hate him and the people who are not only letting him get away with it, (the rep. Congress) they are conspiring with him to do more damage to our Once Great Country.

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