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February 04, 2004


Jean Hudon

Dearest Harmony

I'm so glad you had the courage to raise outright this issue of fear which is a the very root of the most formidable challenge all Life throughout the universe must face - fear of dying, fear of suffering, fear of lack, fear of others, fear of aloneness and even fear of being afraid. This is the one cause of so much that goes wrong when an individual spark of consciousness loses touch with the inner Reality of Oneness and Goodness that pervades all Creation. As I could see from exploring your eclectic and most interesting website, this is also a recurring theme for you to ponder and evolve from:

"The second promise to myself arose when I realized that, on Planet Earth, the condition of Fear runs rampant. Whole lives are imprisoned by it, and people held hostage. Racism flourishes on it; blackmailers apparently make quite a living out of "threatening to tell". Threatening to tell what, I ask. People and society are quite good at leaping to conclusions and passing judgments anyway. So where was I. Just about every time I have given in to my fears and reacted out of them I have regretted it. So why live a life that's controlled by them?"

- Taken from http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/7076/harmony.html

To me, it seems you have acquired over the years quite a bit of mastery over this interesting true-mettle-tester and I'm sure all people reading this also had at some point in their lives to deal with fear and its infinitely numerous and all-too-often disempowering consequences.

The fact is I had to confront the very same experience of doubt and fear the day I first received in 1981 from my divine Self the initial burst of inspiration that led to the writing in long-hand of my first "inspired" text called "The Time is Now". After putting it all down on paper I had then to decide what to do with it. Was I going to have the guts to make copies of it and offer it to others or was I to sit on it and never let anyone else the chance of also feeling the energetic impulse and unique signature that came through me at this moment of creation? Obviously, I chose like you to not allow fear to interfere and went ahead, translated it in English, made 500 copies of each and mailed it to all those I could identify as potentially interested. From that moment on, I never turned back and although my inner faith was repeatedly tested in relation to numerous contentious issues, I always continued to this day to follow and trust what guides me from within, and I've never come to regret this initial decision. Actually, it has been a most enjoyable ride and I feel a deep sense of achievement, usefulness in service to the Light, and experience spiritual rewards beyond anything I could initially have foreseen.

So I guess what I'm saying is that it pays off mightily to follow one's inner guiding still small voice within and to affirm as best as we possibly can, no matter our human frailties and perceived inability, the ever expanding expression of innate perfection we are when attuned as One with the Source of All That Is. In so doing, as you indicated, hundreds, thousands, millions of other souls are gradually likewise empowered to express their unique and irreplaceable contribution to global awakening and universal "enlovening".

And to quote you again, because you expressed it so clearly: "And if we, all of us, stand together and speak out - if we all continue our work in the face of inner and outer fears - if we all simply do the footwork at hand, then the odds are greatly in our favor for Spirit to accomplish miracles through all of us and we WILL see a world of beauty, a world of abundance, and of freedom and justice for all."

Love and Light shall prevail... eternally!


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